Action Battlefield Beta 1.0


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About Action Battlefield™

Action Battlefield is the real action-packed WW2 experience freed from the laws of a restricted and close-minded world. Action Battlefield is your perfect balance of fun and realism. It will raise the fun factor and boost the replay value of the original game while challenging you in the most intense and strategic battles you've ever experienced. All the tools, possibilities and features offered will force you to rethink the way you were used to fight on the many world-wide actual battlefields and the new ones. Brace yourself… the war has begun. Let's get ready for Action Battlefield!

System requirements


800 MHz CPU
128 Megabytes of RAM
3D accelerated 32 MB video card or equivalent with HW-T&L
(Hardware Transform & Lighting) and 24-bit z-buffer
400 MB free hard disk space (additional space required for Windows swap - file.)
DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
MS compatible mouse


1.4 GHz CPU (Athlon or Pentium 4 recommended)
256 Megabytes of RAM
3D accelerated 64 MB video card with HW-T&L (Geforce or Radeon recommended)
400 MB free hard disk space (additional space required for Windows swap - file.)
DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
MS compatible mouse

Required Operating Systems:

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP or Windows 2000
Note that Windows 95 is not supported.


*Singleplayer games are not supported for now!


•Knife: right click makes you scream in anger!
•Sniper rifle: stays zoomed until you press the zoom key again.
•Defensive grenades: 4 seconds delay
•Recon binoculars: can also be used to help anti-tank soldiers who use mortars.
•Burst jetpack: each click of the mouse activates the jetpack temporarily for a quick burst. Limited amount of fuel in the tanks. Can be refilled at any ammobox. You are propelled to the direction where you look and if you are falling down too fast, you won't be able to use the jetpack. You must slow your fall down with the parachute.


•Throwable knives: aim at your enemy's head for a fatal strike.
•Long range machine gun: regular firing rate, low recoil
•Defensive grenades: 4 seconds delay
•Offensive grenades: detonates on impact, careful with that!
•Short range sub-machinegun: high firing rate, more recoil


•Knife: right click makes you scream in anger!
•Bazooka: they now have an explosion radius!
•Defensive grenades: 4 seconds delay
•Landmines: now partially hidden in the ground, use right click for various throw power.
•Portable mortar: drop on the ground, artillery assistance: right click to get scout targets.


•Knife: right click makes you scream in anger!
•Double shotgun: the closer the more damage you do.
•Smoke grenade: 1 smoke grenade to start with, then it takes 30 seconds to prepare and use the next one if you press the reload key. Effect lasts for a good 45 seconds.
•Personal medipack: more healing capacity, for immediate use.
•Throwable medipack: a medipack that you can leave anywhere for long-term medical assistance! Carrying 3 of them. Stay at their location as long as the owner lives.


•Buildable bunker: place the toolbox and wait for the bunker to appear. Use repair tool to finish up construction. Bunkers can be destroyed. Respawns as long as the owner stays alive.
•Flame-thrower: flames slide on objects, perfect for clearing bunkers and houses.
•Buildable Aagun: place the toolbox and wait for the aagun to appear. Use repair tool to finish build. Aaguns can be destroyed. Respawns as long as owner stays alive.
•Repair kit: more repair capacity

Map list:

•ABF_Battle of Bulge
•ABF_El Alamein
•ABF_Guadal Canal
•ABF_Iwo Jima
•ABF_Market Garden
•ABF_Omaha Beach
•Coral Insomnia
•Wake Evenings

Setup and installation

Follow the steps below to properly install Action Battlefield.

1. Double click the "Action Battlefield B1.0.exe" installer file.

2. Follow the remainder of the on-screen instructions and install the files in the required directory. You must install ActionBF in the following directory: "../Battlefield 1942/". Since you previously installed Battlefield 1942 in a directory unknown to the ActionBF installer, you must locate your "Battlefield 1942" game directory and select it as your installation folder.The default path of your Battlefield 1942 game folder is: "c:Program filesEA gamesBattlefield 1942" without the quotes. But if you intentionally installed the game elsewhere on your hard drive, please select the appropriate "Battlefield 1942" folder path for installing ActionBF. Click OK and then click NEXT to continue with the rest of the installation. I suggest that you let the installer copy the shortcuts and the Manual to your hard drive, so don't uncheck any options at the end of the installation procedure.

3. To confirm that you successfully installed Action Battlefield in the correct directory, open your "Battlefield 1942" game directory, open the "Mods" folder and look for a "ActionBF" folder inside (you should also see a "bf1942" folder right there.) If "ActionBF" is indeed present there, you did a successful installation.

4. If you do not see "ActionBF" inside this "Mods" folder, then you probably specified the wrong directory to install. Follow the "Removal" procedure below and reinstall Action Battlefield.

5. Once the installation is complete, you can start Action Battlefield by using the shortcut created on your desktop by the installer. You can alternatively launch Battlefield 1942 and then use the "Custom game" menu to activate ActionBF.

Note: since Action Battlefield is a modification based on Battlefield 1942, you must insert your Battlefield 1942 play disc in order to play ActionBF.

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