America's Army: Operations 1.2.1 to 1.30 Patch


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This patch will upgrade America's Army, version 1.21 to version 1.30.
This patch will add a new map, a Combat Effectiveness Meter, a Honor System, along with many other changes.

Short list of changes: (see readme for more info)

Added auto weapon lowering: Weapons will now automatically lower when blocked by an object. This will minimize problems with weapons clipping through geometry. The user may override this function at any time by pressing the fire key, or by performing any gun action.

Added auto grenade notification: Whenever a player throws a grenade, his character will now automatically shout out that the grenade has been thrown. Note that this will not occur if the grenade is rolled, or if the player is in SLOW mode.

Added auto weapon switch upon grenade throw: Whenever the player throws a grenade, the game will automatically switch him back to his primary weapon. Note that this function may be turned off in the Settings Menu.

Added ability to enable/disable HUD elements: Added the ability to turn on or off most HUD elements. This is both a client and server side option, with server side taking precedence.

Added Hit-the-Dirt Feature: While sprinting, if the player hits the PRONE key, he will quickly dive into the prone position (penalty is applied to the Combat Effectiveness Meter).

Added Server Admin Command Post: Added a graphical user interface for server admins to provide better control over games. Player must be logged in as the server admin, then hit F12 to access.

Added 1st person spectator ability: Hit the ACTION key while following a player to see through their eyes. (Note: This feature is still somewhat rough).

Added TAB functionality to menu system: Players may now TAB between menu items.

Added sniper death messages: Appropriate death messages will now be displayed for all sniper rifles.

Added spin to grenades: Grenades now spin properly when thrown.

Added MaxAdmins parameter to ArmyOps.ini to limit number of admins per server (0 by default)

Added ability to switch fire mode while iron sights are up Iron sights will no longer drop when switching fire modes.

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