Anachronox Patch Version 1.01


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* Fixed the platform2 throwloonie, so people performing it from level 1 and elsewhere wouldn't get stuck.
* Unhappy Noxguard battle is tougher.
* Changed the position of a Grumpos Yammer response window to match the others.
* Fix traderbots so they trade always over $100... and actually charge you cash!
* (In HephFactory) Made backtracking after you have the fluid impossible.
* Could get two shocksphere upgrades, and thus two teslatus spheres!!!
* NPC "Krequa" was grabbing but not releasing the player. This was causing problems later in the level trying to lockpick.
* Fixed problem where player could clip through Krapto's Jail-cell when getting his bowl.
* Fixed some minor dialogue.
* Doorlord battle is no longer repeatable.
* Spawned a time minder in Whitendon 'cause there wasn't one!!!
* Rictus has 10% chance of missing now, so Travis's "whiff" can be seen.
* Rictus now has an extra 8000 hp.
* Doorlord attacks are updated to reflect "Weapon"-like boss.
* Fixed some particle effects (graphics).
* Made Barracuda Joe attack!
* Fix memory overruns on Minimum install, and ALL platforms.
* Fixed Windows 2000 compatibility issues (note: Even though this addresses issues reported by Windows 2000 users, Windows 2000 is still not officially supported by this title. As a result, Customer Support cannot deal with any issues that arise from playing this title in Windows 2000.)
* Made wimpa immune to freeze/psyslave/nuts.
* fixed battle_drop parsing error; was causing some monsters not to drop money or other things (like the snowsnake).
* Fixed bug where party followers would sometimes start floating off somewhere during dialog.
* Camera variables (height, distance, etc) are updated when switching characters instead of only when moving.
* Randomize monsters' timers when starting battle so they don't all attack at the same time.
* Update battle UI health bars when status event damage occurs (burn/poison).
* Don't let XP text display overlap borders of the plaque when experience - 999999.
* Fixed ambient status effect script playing and restarting, including firefury and stealth.
* Fixed timer bug for low framerates & timescale
* Check drive letters for drive-types once only, on startup.
* Players (and players only) being hit by freeze, nuts, or psyslave are cleared of those effects (and do not get new ones) if they were already affected by one or more of the three.
* Minimum of 100 ms (0.1 seconds) delay between ui_cursor mouse clicks.
* Added autosave toggle button to main part of main menu.
* Major DAT-file system optimization (loading speeds greatly improved).
* Changed version # from 1.00 to 1.01
* Fixed a few CDROM issues, including multiple drives.
* Fixed bug with getting the 20th TACO item.
* Fixed environment mapping & other visuals on Voodoo2 & ATI Rage.
* Environment mapping supported on low-end cards with sorry drivers (glTexGen calls replaced with own calculations).
* Polygon z-fighting problems on models, on certain cards (especially TNT/TNT2) fixed.

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