Anno 2070 Patch 1.05


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This patch will update Anno 2070 to version 1.05.

•The logic for random map generation has been modified to allow for more variety in maps. WARNING: Five digit map numbers from before 1.05 will generate different maps than before
•The full screen menu of statistic buildings has been optimized
•The Continues chapters game settings now have an additional option ‘rare’ for ‘Quests’
•Ready-to-build warehouses and depots on the mouse cursor now automatically change to deep sea warehouses and underwater warehouses when you move the mouse cursor to the open sea or underwater. The right-click menu and the construction menu have been changed accordingly
•F.A.T.H.E.R. world council action ‘Robotic workforce’ now only reduces maintenance costs by 25% (former 50%) for 15 minutes (former 30 minutes)
•Pipette cannot be used to copy other players buildings in multiplayer games anymore

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