Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.08


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Summary of 2.08 Features:

1. The addition of the RAF Tiger Moth Trainer
2. Established, Refined, and Documented the Process of Adding a New A/C
3. The 2dGauge System (with some continuing gauge work to follow).
4. Updated Landscape
5. New 3D objects by Ben
6. Enhancement of the AI 1-on-1 Maneuver Selection
7. Enhancement of the Fighters against Bombers AI Maneuver Selection
8. New Hurricane Model
9. Fixes

Detail 2.08 Changes

1. Fixed Novice_Stronger_Bullets=ON [ #NOTE: Only the player has the stronger
bullets (not the AI)] so that only the player has the stronger bullets and not
the AI. Default is off and I added a NOTE in the BDG.txt

2. Fixed Auto Pilot so if significant damage occurs the A/C will crash as Auto
Pilot will be disengaged back to manual and can not be re-engaged thanks to
Trumper for catching this one for us.

3. Fixed Auto Landing in Auto pilot to exclude the BOBII unflyable A/C like
bombers thanks to Bader for catching this one.

4. Added code to smooth out turns during auto landing thanks to Bader.

5. Prevent a CTD in SPC when START_FROM_PEN=ON.

6. Added a BDG.txt parameter External_View_Starting_Distance = 3.100000 #sets
the starting distance from the A/C in external view NOTE: set to 1.3 to get the
old distance. The default is 3.1 which fixes slight vibration in external view
by increasing the distance slightly. NOTE: for anyone who wants/needs (for Pic's
or close inspections) the "old" distance set to 1.3.

7. Implemented necessary code to support Stickman's BOBII 2D Gauge System work
(see Manual for operation details by Stickman) with a special thanks to Eric (2D
Gauge System Programmer) and Scott (provided the code to the BDG). The goal is
provide a 2D gauge option for the A/C 3D gauges that have problems.

8. Fix a FlyBy sound issue where the Players A/C engine sound was left on
during the FlyBy. The player's engine sound is stopped during FlyBy and
restarted when FlyBy is completed.

9. Added a BDG.txt parameter for MysticPuma or other movie makers. The default
is 50 (for about 50 times the minimum distance). Most all customers will not use
this option. External_View_Zoom_Distance , "External_View_Zoom_Distance", 50,
"#Sets the max zoom distance from the camera (player A/C) in external view NOTE:
default = 50 to zoom out farther set to 60,70, 80,etc. for movie makers like

10. Added Range (in meters from the player, NOTE enemy AI only) to the MoveCode
label for SW analysis/debug. If you set Show_MoveCodes=ON in the Bdg.txt, you
will get the following (example only):

Move Code Maneuver Code Skill Range

11. I have done a redesign of the AI Selection Criteria for the Instant Action
1-on-1 Dog Fight mission. The key to the redesign is that the criterion is more
deterministic rather than random as it is now (well more deterministic then it
was anyway). I need to move in this direction to improve the AI offence and
defense, IMHO.

To look at the new code you will need to select IA Dogfight 1-on-1 Mission and
set the enemy AI to "Ace or Hero" or turn Terminator on.

Here is a summary of the new selection criteria:

1. Altitude (how much altitude and rate of change)
2. Speed (how much speed, and rate of change)
3. Position of A/C to each other (none to tail, tail to tail, nose to beam,
tail to beam or left, right, front, back)

To implement the new selection criteria I built a 3 X 6 matrix (a truth table).
Where for each A/C (the unfriendly and the AI or the player and the AI) , I
designed programs to look at Altitude, Speed, and position and to first try and
select the best maneuver (aggressive or defense).

Altitude and speed can also be thought of as "energy" as altitude can be turned
into speed.

The new design uses the A/C's current position but I am thinking about
implementing the A/C's "lead" position (his future position a short delta time
in the future).

Anyway, this is a long term work in progress that I can work on as I have new
ideas (from you guys). The goal is to improve the 1-on-1 AI performance (as best
I can) but we can move this implementation into the BOBII AI if we feel it is
good for the BOBII's future or we can just leave it as 1-on-1 only.

My gut feel based on my experience is that the AI is better at selecting the
correct maneuver and avoiding bad positions (like low altitude) and a bit
stronger fighter and defender. Of course, the Player will always "win" with
experience/practice but if we give the player a better fight I consider that
real progress.

What I need our customers to do is go to IA Dogfight One-On-One mission and
select Ace or Hero or Terminator for the enemy AI and give it a good try.

Be sure and use full realism and no cheats (no peripheral vision, G-effects on,
etc) for this One-on-One testing. You will always kill the AI but is it more of
a challenge (or not)? Post your thoughts for me.

BTW, I also gave the Terminator a bit of boost in performance and tune-up so
you might want to try it out. With the boost in Terminator performance, he was
getting "cocky" so I implemented a spinout feature. The Terminator flies so
close to the edge now that he has a tendency to "spinout". This is when you can
get him.

I also implemented a new AI feature called "Flying Factor (FF)". This is the
knowledge of the AI pilot to fly a given maneuver (experience) and how well the
AI pilot will actually fly the given maneuver (skill). The FF is based on the
Skill Level (customer selected in Instant Action Missions and software assigned
in the Campaign). The Terminator is assigned a Skill Level of Hero2 (the highest
in the game) so that is where he gets his boost in performance (edge).

12. A significant Reworked the AI maneuvers for "fighters against bombers" was
done to improve AI performance. The new code is based on skill level.

13. Added a new BDG.txt parameter Collision_Detection_And_Avoidance=ON #NOTE
CDAA must be set to TRUE to do Collision Detection And Avoidance. Also check the
other two CA BDG.txt parameters for correct values, if needed. The default =

Deleted the old BDG.txt parameter Collision_Avoidance (default = OFF)

This was done to permit the customers to have a default = ON for
Collision_Dection_And_Avoidance for the new Tiger Moth in their BDG.txt. The
slow speed of the Tiger Moth was causing the faster fighter to crash with the
Tiger Moth too much. Requested by Osram.

14. Fixed the Bomb Doors not opening and closing correctly. I tested it in the
Instant Action Intercepts Lone Fighter Vs Lone Bomber Mission and the Historic
London mission. The Bomb doors work correctly on the DO17 and the HE111. They do
not work on the JU88 (but Bader says the JU88 had under wing bombs).

15. Prevented a CTD had by a customer by checking for a NULL Pointer in
Diary::SetLanding (in sqddiary.cpp at line 2699.

16. Implemented the following Bdg.txt parameters for Ken our FM engineer (Note:
these are only for Ken's use for a FM change):

Spitfire_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 0 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
Hurricane_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 0 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
BF109_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 0 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
BF110_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 0 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
JU87B_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 0 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0
TigerMoth_Aileron_Trim_Delta = 0 #FM Adjustment for FM Engineer, default = 0

17. Implemented the following Bdg.txt parameter for testing the AI ( so I can
easily see the speed and altitude of both the player and padlocked enemy AI A/C,
Note: this feature will only work in AUTOCOMBAT):

Your_2dGauges_Work_In_Autopilot=OFF #Set to ON to have your 2dGauges work in
AutoPilot. The default is OFF. Note: Only works in AUTOCOMBAT.

18. I fix a small bug when the movecode was SCREWYOUIMGOINGHOME (a group go
home movecode). The A/C would not take Evasive action depending on many
interesting factors I will not bore you with.

19. Changed the default for the LUF Campaign Directives from %tied 0 %free 100
to %tied100 %free0 (note: change only needed for Convoy and Eagle Day as the
other phases were already that way). We felt that "attached" setting is more
historically accurate and we also did a lot of LUF campaign testing for the LUF
Escort bug and we feel this setting solves some or most of the Escort bug issues
(except under some certain factors).

Customers can still change the Directives as they choose but we recommend you
give the new default a try if you use Directives. If you do not use Directives
for the LUF Campaign please give the default setting a try. Let us know if you
are still having the Escort bug with a test case so we can debug it.

20. Implemented a Bdg.txt parameter for the AI called
RAF_Breaksoff_Before_France. The default is OFF and the RAF will continue the
fight until normal Go Home criteria is met (Ammo, Fuel, Damage). If your set
RAF_Breaksoff_Before_France = ON, the RAF fighters will breakoff and go home
before they reach France.

21. Osram added a new Bdg.txt parameter for the Triple Head customers. If you
set ALLOW_ULTRA_HIGH_FOVS=ON in the Bdg.txt you can then expand the FOV for your
Triple Head hardware. The default is ALLOW_ULTRA_HIGH_FOVS=OFF.

22. Thanks to Hard_Sarge (our new super Beta Tester), I able to fix some bugs
in the RAF and LUF Combat Reports in the campaign (we never saw this problem in
Instant Action (IA) as it is very hard to shoot down different A/C types in IA
missions). The problem occurred when more than one A/C was shot down by both the
player and the player's wingmen.

I also wanted to document here a change to the Combat Report for the meaning of
the "Enemy Causalities" line (PlayerKills/PlayerKills + AIKills, example, 2/4
ME109 means the player shot down 2 Me109's, the AI wingmen shot down 2, and the
total kills was 4).

23. Fixed a CTD in AirCombat() caused by a faulty check of the SAG control
parameters for a extended SAG.

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