Battlefield 1918 v1.0 [English]


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Battlefield 1918 is a WWI modification for Battlefield 1942.

This modification includes old classic vehicles including the A7V Tank, Mercedes Simplex and also the Fokker Plane.


-Battlefield 1942(tm) modification about the First World War
-First public release
-2 nations - Germany and France
-new Player models
-new character classes
-completely new weapons, vehicles and airplanes
-historical background as basis
-changed Gameplay
-new physics for all vehicles and airplanes
-nine different Custom maps in different execution, from trench combats to air battles
-detailed and realistic models and skins
-extensive internal Balancing System for weapons and vehicles
-new In-Game menu, ajar against the proven Battlefield 1942 menu with graphic adjustments
-complete symbol and icon system, almost all original icons were replaced
-new sounds for almost all vehicles and weapons
-own AI system, to converted Battlefield 1942 maps offer full support

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