Battlefield 1942: HydroRacers v1.0


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HydroRacers is all about fast paced action on the water! There are two teams Axis (red) vs Allied (blue). Your objective is based on the map you are playing on and can be either standard Conquest Mode (capture and hold flags to reduce enemy tickets) or enemy platform destruction (Coral Sea Map). We believe this mod is an example that you don't need a lot of 'stuff' to have a lot of fun!

The mod consists of three types of Hydroplane boats, all of which drive at the same speed, but differ in their onboard weapons:

Type 1 - Destroyer Class

Primary Fire: Missle Launcher
Alt-Fire: Torpedoe Launcher

This boat is deadly from a distance. Its missles have a long range, however they are proximety heat detectors, meaning they will auto-destruct when they near active boats. Boats that are at the enemy platform and unmanned will not trigger this behavior and thus a direct hit is necessary. Its long range torpedos can inflict heavy damage upon enemy platforms while the boat itself maintains a safe distance.

Type 2 - Interceptor Class

Primary Fire: Quad machine guns
Alt-Fire: Turbo

The interceptor is an enemy boats worst nightmare! The quad guns will rip through enemy hulls in no time and its tubo boost, while not especially effect at increasing speeds in the water, can launch this boat off of ramps or hillsides with incredible results. As a result this boat is the preffered 'Stunt Boat' of the mod!

Type 3 - Burninator Class

Primary Fire: Heavy Explosive Shell
Alt Fire: Burninator Depth Charge

A boat that would make Trogdor proud!! Its 'Beefy Arm' is a huge front mounted cannon that deals out deadly damage at a distance! On the back the 'Burnination Depth-Charges' (tm) causes so much damage... even StrongBad would go crazy go nuts!

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