Battlefield: 1942 v1.31 Patch


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Battlefield: 1942 v1.31 Patch:

This patch will update your version of Battlefield 1942 to version 1.31, and apply the following changes:

Network/Server Fixes

-We fixed a crash in co-op mode when restarting the map - this crash was known to occur right after a map switch

-We removed the default Remote Admin Password for servers - there was a default password in place that could be used as an exploit

-We changed the object collision system to prevent exploits involving players hiding inside of objects - more widely known as the "Coral Sea" bug

Client Fixes
-We locked out an exploit to prevent users from seeing through walls.

Sound Fixes
-We modified several attributes of the sound system to provide better sound performance. If you still experience problems, be sure to consult our guide below

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