Battlefield 2 - Allied Intent Mod v0.2


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What is Allied Intent?

Allied Intent is a modification, a "mod" for the PC game Battlefield 2. BF2 is of the First Person Shooter game style, and Allied Intent is a free add-on for those who purchased BF2.

Why Allied Intent?

Allied Intent seeks to enhance the BF2 experience in every way, by adding new content and features, making changes to gameplay, and involving the community in the mod's development. Allied Intent supports players of all ages, backgrounds, and gaming preferences. Allied Intent is for the BF2 player who likes single player and multiplayer matches. And Allied Intent actively engages the community in contributing content to be officially sanctioned in the mod releases. Allied Intent is a mod by the community, for the community.

Who are the developers of Allied Intent?

We are a handful of modders, bot specialists, coders, artists, gamers, and forum members. We are always looking for talented developers to join the team. And as mentioned above, we want the community to know its contributions will be highly instrumental in making this mod a model for excellence. Allied Intent is in no way related to Digital Illusions CE (the development company) nor Electronic Arts (the publishing entity) of BF2, but we greatly appreciate their release of BF2 and will strive to make it even better with our mod.

When and Where is the setting of Allied Intent?

Allied Intent is set in the modern era, present day, and near future. By combining elements of immersion, realism, and "fun" factor, Allied Intent provides a gaming environment only limited by the imagination of the developers and community contributors.

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