Battlefield 2 - Desert Conflict CTF Mod v0.2


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Desert Conflict (DC) Is going to be the Desert Combat of Battlefield 2.
Ah, yes... Some of you say: "Well isn't BF2 basically DC." Yes and no. Battlefield 2 is no longer based on the Gulf 1 and Gulf 2 Wars. Desert Conflict hopes to take BF2 back a few years and back into the sandy desert of Iraq.

1st: Our first release will primarly be remade maps from the hit Mod Desert Combat.

2nd: The second release will hopefully bring in new armies, models, and player skins.

3rd: Following releases will be updates, bug fixes, and map add-ons.

Desert Conflict is being developed by Desert Combat beta testers and supporters. Trauma Studios or original Desert Combat developers are not included in the developement of Desert Conflict.

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