Battlefield 2 - Operation Peacekeeper v0.18 Game Client


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After a long time to wait, now the next update from OPK, v0.18. We try to kill as many bugs as possible. So we can present something

playable today, nothing final, but much better then the first demo. So we remove the gameplaykiller, but we added some more toys too.

- Fixed polycounts on many vehicles
- Fixed staticbugs (f.e. mosque in Tutin)
- Added Stingerkit (Airfield, Ambush, Tutin)
- Added Gimletkit (Airfield, Ambush, Tutin)
- Added Pilotkit (Airfield, Ambush, Tutin)
- Added Laser Range Finder HALEM
- Fixed stupid mapperbugs (Bridge on ambush, soldierspawns on border)
- Tweaked code for landvehicles, MG´s, rockets, helicopter, planes
- Tweaked damagesystems
- added new sounds
- fiexd sounds (f.e. MG3-soundbug)
- fixed bugs and improved perfomance on Battle of Tutin
- New Gamemode Teamdeathmatch
- radar on scoutvehicle

Added new Maps:
- Airfield Assault ( 16/32/64 paradropattack)
- Battle of Bogovina ( 32/64 Tankbattle; 16 CQB)
- Harbour Sabotage ( 16/32 CQB)
- Out of Reach ( 16/32/64 groundattack/CQB

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