Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v.05 Mod


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Project Reality is a modification for Battlefield 2. The developer's aim is to rework the original game engine developed by Digital Illusions of Sweden (Dice) to recreate a realistic combat environment

The award winning Project Reality and Black Sand Studios teams are proud to announce the official release of the highly anticipated

Project Reality v0.5.

Coming just 90 days after the ModDB Mod of the Year "Silver Spanner" award winning Project Reality v0.4, the v0.5 release introduces

some of the most radical and innovative game play changes ever seen in a Battlefield 2 mod. We have added an abundance of extra

content (listed below), but in this release our main focus was altering how the game is played, even more so than our previous

releases. The result has been a completely new gaming experience for both Project Reality veterans and Battlefield 2 recruits!


-Forward Spawn Points
The default Battlefield 2 spawn system has been completely overhauled and reconfigured so that you will now have to rely on your squad

leaders, the newly added "Rally Points", and APC's for forward spawn points on the battlefield. You heard right, spawn points have

gone mobile!

-Vehicle Damage System
Another major feature included in PRv0.5 is our revolutionary new Vehicle Damage System, which has been implemented on almost all

vehicles currently available in PR. This new system affects vehicle mobility and/or operational status once they become damaged. If

you are in a tank and take damage from an anti-tank round, you may loose the ability to rotate your main turret or one of your tracks

may become damaged rendering you immobile. This new system is not limited to just ground forces, as aircraft (including helicopters)

are just as vulnerable!

-Tank & Pilot Kits
Building on top of our "Kit Limiting" system in the v0.4 release, we have included a new "Pilot" and "Crewman" kit that must be

requested and obtained before a player can pilot an aircraft or operate a tank. Don't worry though, some vehicles, including light

jeeps, are still operable by players without a specific kit.

-Destructible Environments
Included in this release is our first map with a fully destructible environment! All the buildings in Helmand Province can be

destroyed with explosives, such as an RPG round or C4 charges. While this map is relatively small, we will expand on this concept in

the future!

-Advance and Secure (AAS) v2
In this game mode, each team battles over a "group" of control points (flags) at any given time. A team must capture the entire group

of control points before moving on to the next designated group of control points. A "group" of control points can have as little as

one control point in them, or as many as 5. One should expect fierce battles erupting over those flags, with very concentrated action

where you get both a lot of attack and defense!


-Chinese QBZ Rifle Series
The Chinese forces have received a much needed upgrade and are now armed with the powerful QBZ-95 rifle series. There are two variants

of the rifle, the QBZ-95 "Assault Rifle", which has a 4x optical sight, and the QBZ-95 "Iron Sights" variant, which is the standard,

non-scoped version of the rifle. The version equipped with a UGL will be seen in a future Project Reality release.

-USMC M-14 Marksman Rifle
After many requests from players, the US faction is now armed with the highly coveted M-14 Marksman Rifle. This gas-operated, 7.62mm

rifle packs a powerful punch with amazing accuracy and is sure to make any Battlefield 2 sniper jump with joy.

-US AT4 (Anti-Tank)
The US faction has received yet another new weapon to its arsenal, the AT4 Anti-Tank system. This relatively small, but extremely

powerful, anti-tank system has been used by the US military for years and now is included in the Project Reality mod as the USMC light

AT weapon.

-British Merlin HC3 Transport Helicopter
We have continued building on our foundations of the British Armed Forces in the last release and have included the Merlin HC3

helicopter. This mammoth of an aircraft can transport up to 6 players and includes a fully functional rear loading ramp which is

opened and closed by the co-pilot.

-British Land Rover
The British forces have finally been blessed with the addition of the Land Rover. This light jeep is armed with two 7.62 calibre GPMGs

(General Purpose Machine Guns) and can carry up to 3 players.

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