Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v0.613 Mod


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New Features and Updates:
Project Reality has finally been blessed with the highly anticipated WAH-64 Apache. Initially planned to be in the v0.6 release, this two-seat attack helicopter was excluded due to a minor coding mishap, but it is now included on Kashan Desert (32 player version).

The main update included in the v0.61 patch is the completely revamped British Woodland and Desert Skins. Both were re-designed from the ground up by two of our very own community members, Spush and Shiftys1023. I will let the screenshots do the talking for this one.

Bug Fixes and Code Changes:
The v0.61 patch optimizes both the client and server side python code, updates the localization files, and incorporates various sound tweaks. Improvements have also been performed to multiple maps, improving their overall stability. Some of the major changes/fixes include:

Servers can run localized versions of the server messages for kit request, rally points, commander assets, etc. (Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish and Swedish).

Ammunition can be obtained from rally points like intended.

Insurgency game mode has been overhauled.

Crewman kit does not have a wrench anymore.

Totally new parachute logic (depending on the time from opening until you hit the ground you take different amounts of damage - 30s for no damage).

Multiple map updates to improve balance and game play.

Commander trucks can now be requested at bunkers and firebases.

Scoring system updates to encourage teamwork and staying together as a squad.

Server stability and performance updates.

Project Reality Manual Updated:
We have continued to update the Official Project Reality Manual so both new players and veterans alike can stay up to date and prepare for the intense battles you can only find in Project Reality. All major updates and new features found in the v0.61 patch are explained and outlined in the manual. Current languages available are English, Spanish, and German.

Download the Project Reality Manual Here

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