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-New Commander/Squad Leader Build System
Many Improvements have been made to the Commander Building System, making it more intuitive and teamwork centric. A lot of the 'rules' with this system have been tweaked and wherever possible, simplified. The number one change is that squad leaders are now able to place the commander assets. This gives the commander much more flexibility in placement and allows him to concentrate on the battle as a whole, acting less like a construction foreman and more as a battlefield commander!

-New Commander Functions
We have worked hard to create many new systems that will help commanders give orders to his team and make commander strategies a real possibility. Examples of this ability will be seen in the setting of landing zones, build orders, and close air support.

-New Commander Feature: GPS Guided Bomb Area Attack
GPS Guided Bomb ordinance can now be dropped on targets specified by Squad Leaders. This new system relies on using the SOFLAM laser designator to point out hard targets to be destroyed, and must be approved by the commander. These massive bombs are only available after 1 hour of fighting so they will only be used once or twice during an engagement, but the whole battlefield will be aware when one of these devastating bombs hits a target. This will be a key tool for commanders to break a long standing stalemate and should be used wisely.

-New Commander Feature: SAT Guided Air Strike
A SAT Guided Air Strike can be designated by the Commander to further the improvements to Close Air Support. With this new function the Commander can select any location on his map and request an Air Strike at that location by Jets and Helicopters equipped with laser guided ordinance.

-Close Air Support Improvements
Most aspects of attack aircraft have been completely reworked and tweaked. There are several new features with attack aircraft but all changes are trying to create a dependence on ground troops to work TOGETHER with aircraft. Attack aircraft such as the new British Eurofighter Jet and US Cobra Helicopter have laser guided ordinance including bombs and missiles. The Commander, Officers, and Special Forces can laser designate targets with their SOFLAM providing a laser signature for the aircraft to lock on to and attack.

-Transport Role Improvements
Being a dedicated transport player has just became a whole lot more interesting, and most of the time, necessary for a team's continued success.

-New Ammo Resupply System
Ammunition conservation will finally be a new element in Project Reality. A commander will now have to think a bit more about logistics when attacking an enemy. We have removed many of the 'auto' rearming places in Project Reality and made ammunition resupply a much more easily identifiable location and a much more strategic element. Running out of ammo because you have over extended yourself is now a very real possibility, more so than any other version of PR.

-Spawn Point Revision
We have revisited the spawn system again to allow for a much more tactically engaging game play. We acknowledge that the game play in v0.6 was far faster paced and arcade like than we thought it would have been, and we have made changes accordingly. This new system puts the spawning capabilities of a team ENTIRELY in the hands of the players. This will promote more teamwork and bridge together the aspects of squad members and squad leaders working together, with the commander to form a whole new dimension of Team Work.

-HUD Improvements
A lot of changes to the HUD system have been made to help increase visual awareness and make PR a more visceral and immersive game. PR will now have a much more pleasantly attractive visual appearance that will especially please all those with high end rigs.

-Long Range Distant Weapon Sound Effects
All caliber weapons have been given a 'distant' sound to them. What this means, is that after 200+ meters, instead of hearing the regular sound of the weapon, you will hear a much more faint cracking sound. Again, its very critical that you have a sound card that supports EAX, and preferably a sound card that you can select 'HARDWARE' to get the most benefits from these sound changes.

-Sound Improvements
Nearly all infantry weapons have had their sounds completely redone or heavily tweaked! All infantry weapons have a much more realistic sound now. Many other sounds have been redone and tweaked too!

-Infantry, Vehicle and Map Tweaks galore!
Various improvements and tweaks to infantry kits, vehicle handling and weapon systems as well as game mode and map balance tweaks. Infantry and vehicle improvements include small arms fire deviation model not to mention anti-aircraft missile improvements.

-Counter-Attack Game Mode
In this new game mode one team starts on defense and cannot re-take fallen control points. The defending team has the objective of preventing the enemy from capturing all Control Points before their reinforcements arrive (usually after 30-45 minutes). If the defenders survive until then, they will receive additional vehicles and/or tickets to initiate a counter-attack! At this point, the game mechanics are similar to Assault and Secure mode, and the defending team can re-take lost CP's.


-USMC M16A4 ACOG and Iron Sights
The vanilla BF2's M16 has been scrapped and replaced with our own sexy model and skin. There are currently two variants of the rifle, the famous M16A4 with "ACOG", which has a 4x optical sight, and the M16A4 "Iron Sights" variant, which is the standard, non-scoped version of the rifle. A UGL variant will be seen in a future Project Reality release.

-Insurgent and Militia RPG-7
The placeholder RPG has been replaced by a much more realistic RPG with Iron Sights.

-Insurgent IED (Improvised Explosive Device)
The new Insurgent IED is a very powerful explosive carried by Insurgent Ambushers, perfect for roadside ambushes.

-British Scimitar Recon
The British forces have a new addition which comes in the form of the Scimitar Recon Vehicle. This armored vehicle carries a crew of 2 (driver/gunner) and is armed with both a 30mm cannon and 7.62mm chain gun. Its unparalleled ground speed suits its role well as an advance reconnaissance vehicle.

-British Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank
The latest installment of the British Armed Forces concludes the last element of their land based vehicles with the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank. There are two variants including woodland camo and desert tan.

-British Eurofighter Jet
The first jet of the British Armed Forces is the Eurofighter Jet which comes equipped with cannons, anti-air missiles, and laser guided bombs.


-Fools Road
The second map installment of the Militia comes to a rise in conflict with a battlefield 3 times the size of Assault on Mestia. A plethora of trees and cover are scattered throughout the map providing plenty of places for firefights and ambushes. This time the Militia are well prepared for their British adversaries as they roll out with tanks, APC's, and anti-tank vehicles. The British will be hard pressed to remove them from their fortified locations.

-The Battle for Qinling
An epic scale battle of the British versus the Chinese is now in play. Both sides come well equipped with infantry transport, apcs, tanks, helicopters, and jets. Each team clashes in a battle for supremacy while fighting desperately to win victory over the region.

-Bi Ming (Revised)
The long awaited night map of Bi Ming returns after revision and becomes a stable map for server play. Turn your night vision goggles and make sure to set up your perimeter as enemy troops will find it easy to flank and out maneuver you in the dark.

All of these new game play changes drastically increase the realism experience and players will find all new ways of working together as a team. Combined with the addition of new vehicles, weapons and maps, PR v0.7 promises players the most realistic gaming experience available for the Battlefield 2 platform. The Project Reality Wiki Guide has been given a major overhaul and will be continually updated with all new changes and images to help new players get accustomed to the new version. Please take a few moments to read the Project Reality Manual which gets placed on your desktop when you install the Project Reality v0.7 Core files.

Thanks again for your interest and continued support of Project Reality. If you enjoy the PR Mod, please be sure to click on the banner below and show your support by voting for us at

- The Project Reality Team

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