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The Project Reality Mod Team and Black Sand Studios are proud to announce the official release of the Project Reality v0.75 Client Patch and Server Update!

Following the Project Reality v0.7b Server Update, we have been continuously working to improve multiple aspects of game-play and resolve bugs. Thanks to the continued support from you, the community, and our dedicated team of testers, we have successfully corrected many of the bugs in v0.7 and added several new features and tweaks. To download the Project Reality v0.75 Patch, visit our File Links page for a complete list of links, including both torrent and direct downloads.

Download the Project Reality v0.75 Patch Here

Bug Fixes and Tweaks
We have concentrated on tackling as many bugs as possible, here is a list of the major issues resolved in the Project Reality v0.75 Patch.

Militia rally collision mesh improved

Scimitar tracer length reduced

Building glitches removed

Increased "time to live" of laser targets to 30s

Added a 3 second delay-to-use on all stationary heavy and light machine guns

Removed heavy anti-tank missile warning for the targets; improved aiming and control

Weapon handling improvements and tweaks, especially for the sniper and designated marksmen rifles

Improved ammo bags and field dressings to not fall through the floor

Updated deployable assets rules to enable building next to 2 supply crates

Improved Warrior and Scimitar cannons

Improvements to armor turret stabilization and thermal vision.

Officers no longer see the health of vehicles (engineers now have this ability)

Grenade throwing range, as well as grenade explosive force and radius have been reduced.

Grenades, smoke, and other items that are thrown have deviation when running and/or jumping.

View the complete Change Log here.

New Maps
[R-DEV]Dr Rank & [R-CON]DVB-PARAMEDIC.CA, each virtuosos in their own right, have a real treat in store for you with the addition of two new maps.

-Bi Ming (Daytime)
Dr Rank has converted his map "Bi Ming" into a daytime version which includes various mapping tweaks and changes. Be sure to check out Rank's Dev Journal post for more information.

-Operation Archer
Paramedic's "Operation Archer" was originally intended to be the first map to feature the Canadian Forces Community Mod. However, considering that our forums are flooded with requests for new maps, it will be featured in the 0.75 release. It will have the USMC in our insurgency game mode fighting a talibanesque force in a mountainous region of Afghanistan. It boasts a vast view distance, heavily fortified checkpoints, hidden caves and not to mention a huge central village composed almost entirely of destructible shacks and buildings.

Revised Maps

All map tickets have been reduced by 100-150 tickets.

Kashan Desert 16 has been revised and now focuses on infantry combat, supported by airborne transport helicopters, support trucks and jeeps.

Sunset City 64 has been revised with less emphasis on cp capture and more battling over the heart of the city.

Road to Kyongan Ni 64 APC's removed to increase freedom of tactical movements and cover.

Fools Road adjustments made to the CP capture order.

EJOD Desert tanks have been removed to emphasis mechanized infantry.

Al Basrah has been tweaked to hopefully stop the server crashes. In addition, Insurgency Mode has been updated with only 3 weapon's caches active at the same time, as well as various other tweaks to civilians.

New Features

Player-specific messages for kit request/commander (no more text spam at the top of the screen).

Added a Demolish option for commander to relocate bunkers, firebases and AAs.

Added Minefield map icon for engineers and commander.

Replaced the deployable AA guns with AA missile systems.

Most Rifle Ironsites have been completely redone.

New Smoke Screen for Tanks and APCs.

New helpful PR Tips displayed during loading screens.

Added black screen when dead to avoid dead man spying.

Added deployable supplies from Jeeps and APC's. These can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield and the Vehicles themselves can be re-stocked from firebases/bunkers.

Due to popular demand from the community, we have finally introduced the UH-1N Huey as the transport helicopter for the USMC (big thanks to Trahn Lee Liao from the EoD, Badscull from BGF and Jarleif from USI/PR... All from Black Sand Studios.)

The [R-CON]'s from down-under bring gifts. [R-CON]Chuc has created improved sights for several hand held weapons including the AK-47, G3A3, M68 Aimpoint, PKM and more! For all you crewmen, [R-CON]nedlands1 has provided a realistic "smoke screen" system. [R-CON]AncientMan has cleaned up your act with HUD changes and new PR tips.

New Shader Effects
Thanks to one of our newest [R-CON]'s, jodonnell and his partner in crime ctz (both on the award winning FH2 team), the effects of laying down suppression fire will be devastating on your enemy.

Project Reality Manual Updated
To see a list of all important changes made for the Project Reality v0.75 Patch and for a comprehensive guide, check out the newly updated Official Project Reality Manual:

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