Battlefield 2: v1.4 Retail Patch (Full)


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Battlefied 2 by Digital Illusions - beta retail v1.4 full patch

Beta Disclaimer

By taking part in this BETA you are accepting the risks related to the use of non-final code. EA & DICE are not responsible for any harm caused by the use of these files. EA will not provide customer support for any issues related to the use of any BETA related files. Any issues experienced during the use of these files should be reported to the EA Battlefield2 forums.

Helpful Tips:

Installation steps to protect your original BF2 install:
Beta Installation

1. Go to "C:Program FilesEA GAMES"
2. Right click the "Battlefield 2" folder and choose "Copy"
3. Right click anywhere away from this folder and choose "Paste"
4. Once the copy has completed, you will have two folders named "Battlefield 2" and "Copy of Battlefield 2"
5. Install the patch 1.4 beta, then start the game as normal

When you wish to switch back to the release version of BF2, use the following steps:

1. Go to "C:Program FilesEA GAMES"
2. Right click the "Battlefield 2" folder and choose "Rename"
3. Rename the folder to something like "Battlefield 2 Beta"
4. Right click the "Copy of Battlefield 2" folder
5. Rename the folder the "Battlefield 2"
6. Start the game as normal.

The shortcut will run BF2.exe from whichever folder is named "Battlefield 2" and both installations share the same registry entries.

Using the above steps will negate the need to completely uninstall and re-install whenever you wish to switch from the retail version to the beta version and vice versa.

Feedback & Bug Reporting: There will be threads hosted on the EA forums in which you can provide your feedback on the 1.4 patch. Please direct all feedback to these lists and not to customer service. Customer Service will not provide support for any Patch Beta issues. We are eager to receive your feedback on this patch beta!

Communicate in game: When playing in one of the BETA servers make sure to communicate any issues you see to others in the server. This will allow you to quickly discover if the issues you experience are unique to you or not.

Screenshots: It is extremely helpful to our development teams to be able to have a visual reference for any issues or feedback you provide. Whenever possible please provide a screenshot with your bug reports or feedback.

Crash Logs: If you experience a crash please check your dmp file located at: C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsBattlefield 2Dmp. Report your crash in the Official EA Forums and be prepared to provide the dump file if requested.

DX Diag report: For any technical issue experienced we may need you to provide your system spec and driver information. All of this can be gathered by selecting the 'run' option in the start menu and entering "dxdiag" then pressing Enter.

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