Battlefield 2142 Patch v1.19b (BETA)


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Welcome to the debriefing, soldiers.

Don't forget to read the Beta Forum rules, here:

This post will be updated to include all the information necessary to get started with the 1.2 update Beta.

What does 1.2 change?
I've included a list of changes below:
*Added correct flag for Czech Republic.
*Fixed PDS-1 sonar system interference with UAV. Soldiers are now shown correctly on UAV when PDS-1 is activated.
*Heal and repair points awarded after a 50% heal/repair instead of 100% heal/repair.
*Fixed tracking of hours with the medic hub in BFHQ. They should now be shown correctly.
*Fixed Squad leader drone exploit. Removed the possibility to use drones as a stairway to heaven.
*Fixed Rorsch crosshair misalignment. The crosshair should now be correct while unzoomed.
*Out of bounds now immediately kills after 15 seconds instead of doing gradual damage over 15 seconds. This prevents exploits using

the out of bounds area.
*APM:s always set to “ Friendly fire off†on ranked servers. Increases consistency and prevents misunderstanding.
*Fixed an exploit using the reactor core door.
*The correct message is now shown when trying to join a full server.
* Fixed crash when placing Squad Leader Spawn Beacon.
*Added server side option to prevent Titan Movement.
*Added optimization to Titan mode to reduce lag.

Why was the change I wanted not included in 1.2 (such as kit layout saves, etc.)?
As you can see this patch involved a lot of fixes, and did not focus on feature changes (although there were a few). We are aware of

the features you would like added (I'd like them, too!) and hopefully you will see them implemented soon. Just as a side note, you'll

notice that many of the changes are for issues you reported! Thank you all again for your help and dedication.

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