BF1942: Forgotten Hope v.5 - Main Installer


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Forgotten Hope is a mod for Battlefield 1942, based on historical realism. It will bring two new armies, the French And Italian Forces. Proper weapons for every army, and new vehicles as well. The mod was originally planned to be only 1940-1941, but due to popular demand, it has branced out to cover the whole war (1940-1945), we will most likely not due 1939, and the invasion of Poland.

It is aimed on adding more Realism to the game also. Tanks will have proper loadouts and armor values (ramming jeeps into them will not damage them like how it is now in BF1942). Bombs will do more damage. Grenades also agiasnt infantry, but not agaisnt tanks. There will be new maps, which will be based on historical battles in that time period. Dunkirk, Invasion of Crete, The Greek isles, North Africa, Belgium, France, Battle of Britian etc. Each Map will also have the correct vehicles for its era. So a map in 1944, will contain vehicles such as a Tiger, Panzer IV H etc, where as a 1940 map, would contain a Panzer 2 and Panzer 3.

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