BioShock 2 Patch v1.0.0.3


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# Fixed MP freezing and connectivity issues

# Implemented color-blind friendly hacking UI.

# Fixed further issues related to HUD stretching.

# Resolved functionality issues related to NVIDIA 3D Stereo options. Option in the Single Player Options Menu was removed and is now activated through the NVIDIA hardware.

# Fixed an issue where the User's whole vision would become blurred while using ironsights in DirectX10.

# Fixed a problem where trying to install a patch manually through the appdata directory would not work properly.

# Fixed an exploit in Multiplayer involving Rebirth

# The "Reset All" option in the Multiplayer Controller Settings now functions properly.

# Fixed further issues related to plasmid gene bank hotkeys not taking effect in-game.

# Resolved a problem where two parties consisting of five players were unable to join the same game lobby for any game mode except Survival of the Fittest.

# Fixed various localization bugs for Multiplayer

# Fixed an issue where task switching while in a game lobby would not initiate.

# Improved security for various weapon loadout files and fixed related exploits.

# Fixed issue where the title will fail to direct the user to the proper lobby when a join-able match is in session and the user accepts a game invite or attempts to join session in progress.

# Fixed issue when BioShock 2 fails to apply the title update when the files are placed in the appdata directory manually

# Fixed text overrun on the Corpse counter from the first Little Sister

# There are 53 achievements available to the user after installing TU 047.

# Fixed issue where BioShock 2 is listed as two separate games in the Games for Windows - LIVE guide after installing the title update and earning achievements.

# Fixed Spanish language issue where text overrran the textbox provided on the multiplayer lobby

# Fixed German language map title for Fontaine Fisheries

# Players can automatically reach rebirth rank 40 with any rank rebirth profile by viewing the epilogue within the apartment.

# Changes made to customizable controls using the "Reset All" function are not saved when the game is restarted.

# Fixed issue where the title will fail to properly task switch while in a game lobby when account management is chosen on Vista x86 PCs

# Fixed exploit where the user can modify the user specific .ini to acquire weapon loadouts before reaching the appropriate rank

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