Birth of Rome Patch v1.02a


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BIRTH OF ROME is the story of those epic wars that allowed the young Roman Republic to unify Italy and defeat Carthage over Sicily.
Live again the conquests of Rome facing determined and powerful opponents such as Pyrrhus or Hamilkar Barca, from 295 to 238 BC. But you can also play Rome’s opponents and write a different history.
BOR is a standalone game of the ALEA JACTA EST collection.

Patch v1.02a changelog:
- fixing a rare battle result bug in Assaults
- fixing blockade of straits
- fixing rare auto-garrison versus slave revolts bug
- Support units will always be considered having zero in patrol, meaning they don't pin down enemies
- Unit auto upgrade is improved
- Fixing warmap ledger (F6) tooltips

BOR becomes AJE-aware!
Birth of Rome is now capable of using the AJE scenarios, if you installed it anywhere on your PC! Both games remain standalone, meaning you don't need to buy AJE to play BOR scenarios, but now, if you bought AJE, you only need to launch BOR to get the scenarios of both games!
German translation is now available. If you want to switch to German, you can do this by manually changing the following
inside the General.opt file

2. *** General interface choices ***
// language (0: English; 1: Francais; 2: Espanol; 3: Deutsche)

Language = 0 ==> write 3 instead of 0 to obtain German
- Fix to Military recruitment icon (the Eagle) glitch in some lower resolutions
- small tweak to icons placements in Rhegium, Messana, Tyndaris, Eryx, Panormus and Volsinii regions
All scenarios:
- Praefectus Urbi leader added to Rome Garrison
- small corrections to military recruitment forcepools
- Facilitated recruitment of Dictator by SPQ if controlled by AI
- several models, units and factions DB corrections
- Various texts corrections, bios and translations added

Samnites scenario
- Fix Volsinii as samnite objective (F7 list)
- Fix the removal of consul Megellus in -290
- Fix to the samnite spies option
- some small fixes to the Senones alliance and Gallic withdrawal options (including increased probability of Samnite AI choosing Senones alliance)and the Tarentum at War event
- Added Magister to Lucanian army in the beginning of the scenario
- Added replacements to Umbrian units
- Fix to the Lin Teata legions option (now it will bring 2 legions and the total force pool will be 4)
- Fix to Gellius Egnatius events
- several missing and erroneous messages corrected

Senones scenario
- corrected objective cities list if SPQ takes option to go to war with the Cenomanii
- corrected cost of Etruscan alliance for Senones
- fix to Cenomanii related options and events
- small fix to Insubrian suport events

Pyrrhus scenario:
- cancelled the recruitment of new militia (auto-garrison not altered)
- fix to the double consuls bug
- fix error in SPQ regional decisions
- tweak to results of Pyrhus answering to Syracusae call for help and related events and options

FPW264 scenario:
- Carthaginian army fixed in Africa for 18 turns
- SPQ Duumvir present from the beginning (in Neapolis)
- Messana strait night crossing option available from turn 1 and AI usage of this option improved
- "Massalia Supports Rome" option will unblock the Massalian fleet

FPW scenarios (264 and 256):
- reduced heavily the probability of regeneration of the mercenary recruitment options
- cancelled the recruitment of new militia (auto-garrison not altered)
- fix to the double consuls bug
- fix to Xanthippus of Sparta option
- fix to Baal sacrifice and War declaration by Carthage options
- small fixes to the Numidian at War replacements and the Attack on Massalia events
- fix the money given by Catania

Mercenary War scenario:
- Gisco fixed in Tunis
- fix to various options
- fix to Roman Blackmail on Sardinia and Corsica multichoice event

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