Blade of Darkness Demo and Retail Patches


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Retail version patch:

Exit to Windows when starting the game.
Error "Player1 not declared in" at beginning of game.
Hang when user presses Esc/F1.
Quadraphonic sound implemented.
Stability improved.
Hangs when saving during cutscene videos.
Hangs during combat against Dal Gurak .
D3d.dll generates "non-blue screenshots".
Problem preventing change of resolutions .
Various problems saving & loading.
Camera control in close quarters.
No sparks when loading savegame from different map.
Problems with -nosound option when loading sound database during savegame.
Problems loading while falling to death.
Problems during "killing blow" (levelling up effect above level 20).
New Glide raster for Voodoo 1-2 (r3Dfx Voodoo 1-2.dll).

The Demo Patch is for the Spanish demo,it resolves the issue of putting the wooden box on fire after you have killed the 3+1 traitor knights. Simply unzip the file in this zip archive to the directory you installed the demo.

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