Blood Bowl Patch v1.1.2.1


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Today, Blood Bowl welcomes a new playable race as the dreadful Dark Elves join the 8 other races already in the game. The newcomers may be the last to enter, but they have every other team aghast with fear and awe in equal measure. For they encompass the best traits of the best teams in the whole of the Blood Bowl world, in one perfect package. Or so their arrogant coaches would have you believe!

This new team enters the Blood Bowl arena with their own Star Player, cheerleaders, all new model designs and unique animations. We invite you to meet the new race right away with an exclusive video showing off these players that combine Wood Elf agility with a more obvious brutality. A real treat to play and to watch!
Starting today, every Blood Bowl PC player can download the Dark Elves add-on for free! As they are included as a fully playable race for both the solo campaign or in multiplayer mode.

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