Call of Duty ATI Crash Fix


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Call of Duty ATI Crash Fix [Windows 2000/XP]

This issue affects the following configurations:
*RADEON 9500 Series
*RADEON 9600 Series
**RADEON 9700 Series
*RADEON 9800 Series

CATALYST 3.8 and later drivers
Some users have reported that after the game is launched, the system may hang or produce a VPU recover error.

Other boards may be affected.

Users who are experiencing this issue are advised to download and install the appropriate driver HotFix.

NOTE: After installing this HotFix, the product name in Device Manager will appear as "RADEON xxxx Series" instead of "ALL IN WONDER xxxx" or some other product name. This should not impact performance or features in any way.

A future CATALYST release is expected to address this issue.

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