C&C Generals: Zero Hour - All Stars Mod


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All Stars aims to settle the debates that Command and Conquer fans have been having for over a decade: What unit is the best? Which storylines are best? Who would win, Apocalypse, Overlord, or Mammoth MKII? Is Tesla technology better than Tiberium weapons? Can the Generals build system stack up against the classic C&C style?

CnC All Stars Features:

Nearly four dozen All Star C&C units and two dozen structures return to form the Tiberian Coalition and Red Alert Alliance
An All Star cast culled from Generals and Zero Hour that comprises the Generals Elite
Two dozen new upgrades for classic C&C units and structures that bring them to their fullest potential
Sub-factions with specific units, upgrades, and/or powers
The return of classic C&C superweapons like the Iron Curtain, Weather Storm, Ion Cannon, Temple of Nod Nuke, Hunter Seeker Drone, Psychic Dominator and more!
An innovative build system for the Tiberian Coalition and Red Alert Alliance that recreates the classic Conyard based construction seen in past C&Cs, but brings it to the SAGE engine
Experience the best of C&C like you never have before!

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