Championship Manager 00/01 patch v3.88


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If you have no display problems with CM 00/01 under DirectX then this is the download you need; it contains both an exe and a data update and is around 11mb.

Updates the game to v3.88. This version is the full install and will overwrite your current database. It is SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE and includes ALL the fixes in v3.84 and v3.86 PLUS :-

* Tuned Player Ratings for tired creative players
* Fixed 'Match Freeze' bug.
* Tuned 'Wants new contract' unhappiness.
* Increased the media name occurances back up to pre 3.86 levels.

* note: There are now two types of update available for CM 00/01. The GDI Update, is a MUST download for anyone who has problems running CM (for example some people using Windows 2000 or ME)

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