Championship Manager 2010 Patch December


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Championship Manager 2010 offers classic football management franchise with the latest clubs using specific animations for the players in the #D engine and improved management tools and features.

* Facilities upgrade bug fixed
* Injury tweaks (a reduction in the chances of injury caused by a certain type of tackle. This particularly affected wide players and forwards
* FIFA Rankings recalculated
* Fixed a crash caused when a national manager applies for an international job having only ever managed another international team
* Small number of Spanish B team names incorrect in English language version
* & other miscellaneous smaller tweaks/improvements.

Oct. update includes:

* All the September patch fixes
* Numerous improvements to the match engine
* Players can now view goal scorers on the results page
* Stats & ratings can be viewed without waiting for the match to load in full
* Improved Player Ratings
* Changes to Half-Time / Full time team talks
* Improved transfer budgets, plus feedback from the board
* The team talk loop bug is now fixed
* Fixed issues which resulted in save game corruption
* Clearer Full screen / Windowed mode options
* Fixes to ProZone
* Plus other improvements throughout the game...

Sept. update includes:

* Thousands of summer transfers including Michael Owen to Manchester United, Dmytro Chygrynskiy to Barcelona and Richard Dunne to Aston Villa
* More club badges and licensed teams
* Support for 1280x800 windowed mode
* Improved running for lower spec machines
* Players can now turn on/off the Information Window
* Improved Set-piece creator
* Improvements to AI & players Goalkeepers
* Defenders now react better, leading to less defensive mistakes
* Sweeping Match engine improvements
* and much more

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