Cities in Motion Patch v1.0.13


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Transport Simulator Cities in Motion has been patched up to 1.0.13, bringing several fixes and improvements to the game. Retail copies will be patched automatically, for digital download copies please use the same provider for patch and game.

Complete Patch notes 1.0.13

• Fixed bug: Crash while saving game on certain configurations.
• Fixed bug: Random crash when using tree brush in map editor.
• Fixed bug: Tram line cannot be built through the track piece turning
• diagonally to a 4 lane road.
• Fixed bug: Lines are always visible when loaded saved game.
• Fixed bug: Ticker message about a car accident is removed too quickly.
• Fixed bug: Old pre-set buses in scenarios have wrong capacity.
• Fixed bug: Achievement "Four corners of the earth" can be unlocked only in sandbox mode.
• Improvement: Some optimizations when saving game.
• Improvement: Number of private cars depends on the difficulty setting (Slider for the custom difficulty).
• Improvement: Slower economy changes.
• Improvement: Shortcut key for underground view (default: U).
• Improvement: Jammed cars are removed faster.
• Fixed bug: Stops show wrong passenger count after a line is deleted.

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