Civilization III: Play the World v1.04f Patch


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This is a patch for the multiplayer expansion to Civ III. This patch will upgrade your version to 1.04f and fix a number of bugs.

List of Changes:

Additions in v1.04f:
* Added autopatching ability via GameSpy
* Added the Pillage ability to Armies
* Added confirmation message for building outposts on top of colonies.
* Added ability to airlift to and from airfields.
* Added ability to airdrop from airfields.
* Added confirmation message for building airfields on top of colonies.

Changes in v1.04f:
* Removed Explore action from Cruise Missiles.

Fixes in v1.04f:
* Fixed several Multiplayer stability issues.
* Fixed bug with being unable to contact players who have used the espionage screen
* Fixed bug that caused players to win when they, in fact, lost.
* Fixed bug with draft button not updating in MP.
* Fixed memory leak with advisor screens.
* Fixed crash with advisor screens.
* Fixed bug with multiple advisor screens being open.
* Fixed bug with era not advancing.
* Fixed crash on replay screen.
* Fixed bug with goody huts not redrawing properly in some cases
* Fixed bug that caused starting locations in scenarios to be incorrect
* Fixed bug that caused civilopedia entries to be incorrect on the espionage screen
* Fixed bug that caused cities with air units to be unable to be captured in Multiplayer.
* Fixed bug that caused air units to not be destroyed if they are not in a city.
* Fixed bug that caused Play-By-Email mode to not function.
* Fixed bug that caused barbarians to receive victory points.
* Fixed typo in password popup.
* Fixed redraw bug that occurred after capturing/destroying airfields, towers, outposts, and colonies.

* Editor: Fixed bug causing invalid prerequisites after changing a tech's era
* Editor: Fixed bug causing commas to be added to some fields on the tech property page
* Editor: Fixed bug causing non-numeric characters to be allowed to be entered on the terrain property page

* Editor: Fixed bug that caused tech rate to have a comma in it

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