Civilization III: Play the World v1.21f Patch


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This patch will update your version of Civ 3: PTW to version 1.21f.

List of Changes:

* Added support for numeric keypad special characters in edit boxes.
* Added support for faster-loading Multiplayer saved games and scenarios.
* Added a 'Locate City' hotkey to Multiplayer.
* Implemented Kick in the Staging Area.
* Added INI tweak to disable force feedback support: NoForceFeedback=1.
* Added a civilopedia reference to 'Happy Faces' if a building produces happy faces in the city window.

Changes in v1.21f:
* Hidden Nationality units are no longer forcibly removed from enemy territory via diplomacy.
* Expansionist civs can no longer build Scouts when civ-specific abilities are disabled.
* No player will be dropped within a certain timeframe of a player leaving the game.
* The Net Setup Window has been changed to a selective asynchronous process.
* Passwords are limited to 20 characters.
* ICBM's can no longer auto-bombard.
* Canceling Espionage in multiplayer no longer exits to map.
* Non-Empty Games Filter now filters out games with only one player (the host).
* Removed In-Progress Filter, replaced it with a Password Filter.
* GameSpy Connect call is now non-modal, meaning it can be cancelled and will time out if it fails to connect.
* Improved Pangaea map generation.
* Improved random free tech selection for the Scientific civ trait.

Fixes in v1.21f:
* Fixed bug with cultural opinion text being replaced with garbled text.
* Non-combat unit warning message has been changed to refer to both cities and terrain improvements.
* Fixed bug that incorrectly reported a rescued/re-captured princess as the player's princess being killed.
* Fixed an issue with overlapping popups.
* Fixed paste crash.
* Fixed bug that caused players in the loss sequence to receive a popup message telling them that they won when the actual winner exits the game.
* Fixed bug that allows users to cursor past text limits in edit boxes.
* Fixed loading saved games status message display.
* Fixed an out of synch related to stack movement.
* Fixed bug where the fog of war would cover the whole screen with the exception of the last city you were viewing.
* Fixed chat text getting cut off.
* Fixed bug where a single player loading a hotseat or PBEM game through the setup win could not exit.
* Reloading a game in the setup window will now show you messages again (such as Sending game to player xxx...).
* There is no longer a 'ghost' game in the lobby, both with clicking and mouseover.
* The lobby should no longer re-sort periodically unless you instigate it or a game is added/deleted.
* The AI can no longer be set to player '0' (barbarian) when loading a game.
* Fixed a bug in the spaceship screen where it would show your city on everyone screen (the city view screen).
* Chat text will no longer persist in the diplomacy window.
* Fixed an out of synch unique to turnless.
* Fixed a bug where you would load a turnless save and some cities would never produce again.
* Fixed a bug in turnless where units would simply stop moving, and cities would stop producing periodically.
* Fixed a bug with auto-precision bombing not choosing the proper targets.
* Fixed a bug that allowed players to change another's production after they stole their plans.
* Fixed an out of synch related to amphibious warfare.
* Fixed an out of synch involving nukes.
* Fixed a plethora of problems with filters.
* Fixed a bubble text bug with staging window.
* Fixed a array out of bounds issue with lobby window.
* Removed Asturias from Spanish city list.
* Fixed typo in conquistador civilopedia chapter.
* Correct date listed for Spain becoming a democracy in Spanish civilopedia chapter.
* Fixed crash involving starting hotseat games.
* Fixed the hang alive after pause bug.
* Fixed the bug where all players would have to hit enter (occasionally) after a pause.
* The spaceship screen will now process messages.
* Fixed hang alive when the spaceship screen comes up over diplomacy.
* Fixed bug (Single player and MP) where you could select a unit in an army and unload him (move him out).
* Filters now work as an OR filter in each group, and an AND filter cross-group.
* Fixed an out of synch caused by combat and lag.
* Games will now report correctly, instead of everything past load game reporting as elimination.
* Fixed an out of synch unique to eliminating a civilization.
* Fixed the win98 modem hosting with 3+ modems connecting slowdown/lockup bug.
* Fixed a bug where if you denied to vote on a UN leader, then no one in the game could win (they could however lose).
* Fixed the screen slot error in MP setup screen.
* Fixed crash when loading a save game where the host was eliminated and the new host had a different name than the next available player.
* Fixed bug where the game would do 2 turns instead of 1 when only 1 human player (non-original host) was left in the game to defeat AI.
* Fixed an infinite production exploit with PBEM games.
* Fixed a display bug in the MP setup window which would keep a combo box open indefinitely.
* Fixed graphic corruption issue in the MP setup screen when loading a PBEM game.
* Fixed an issue where the players name would vanish if they left and then returned quickly to the lobby window.
* Fixed bug where auto-bombard would not auto-bomb multiple terrain improvements in neutral territory.
* Fixed the military advisor speed.
* Fixed an out of synch with auto-precision bombing.
* Fixed a text overwrite issue in the staging window.
* Fixed a graphic issue where multiple leaders would be displayed in Military advisor.
* Fixed bug with hotseat/PBEM victory conditions and rules.
* Fixed a selection issue with the build queue in the city screen.
* Fixed a bug where the right click menu would stay up over top of screens.
* Fixed bug with Sentry not functioning in MP.
* Fixed bug where you could not ask an AI civ to remove its units from your territory.
* Fixed an out of synch involving advancing into a newly captured city tile which contained units which could be captured while the animation was onscreen.
* Slightly increased turn-flip performance to minimize lag (especially post-turn lag) in larger games with slower machines.
* Fixed lockup with nuke launching.
* Fixed bug which allowed multiple instances of the same nuke to be launched.
* Fixed remaining Hang Dead due to spaceship screen appearing over diplomacy.
* Fixed hang alive related to auto-bombardment or bombing from a city and then tributing that city to another player.
* Fixed crash when a mod had less than 24 races and the player chose 'Random'.
* Fixed a bug where the settler would occasionally not build a city in MP.
* Fixed a bug where you would lose mouse functionality in the city window.
* Fixed a bug that when the host is eliminated the game would lock.
* Fixed right click on an improvement from the city window referring the user to the incorrect civilopedia entry.
* Fixed grammar issue with MPP causing a civ to declare war on you.
* Fixed grammar issue in the spaceship screen.
* Fixed unit movement on road after combat bug.
* Fixed bug with unit healing.
* Fixed bug where the game would not end synchronously on all machines.
* Editor: Fixed memory leak.
* Fixed several bugs involving the display of several items near and crossing the x/y boundaries of the map.
* Fixed numerous text bugs in diplomacy.txt.
* Fixed bug in city view screen which allowed you to give orders while a pull down menu was up.
* Fixed a bad index to civilopedia in the city window.
* Fixed a bug where the user could abandon all of their cities if they had more than one.
* Fixed PathMananger infinite loop.
* Fixed some issues with lag.
* Fixed a bug with the civilopedia cursor.
* Fixed a graphics issue with bombarding and interception causing a lockup and graphics corruption.
* Fixed an out of synch involving non-stack moved settler/defender combo reporting as 'undefended' for humans.
* Fixed an out of synch involving barbarian movement.
* Fixed an out of synch involving combat.

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