Combat Command 2 Patch 1.02


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Combat Command 2 DANGER FORWARD! Patch 1.02

Bug Fixes (v. 1.02)

1) Bombardment/Assault animations were not appearing during PBEM games.

2) Airfields were not becoming Supply Sources when the enemy paratroopers took control of them.

3) Fixes occasional hang during the computer-handled Withdraw Phase.

Addition (v. 1.02)

At the end of a PBEM turn, you can elect to have the file added to an email automatically as an attachment. This can be done when the end of the turn is announced or via the File
menu afterwards.

Bug Fixes (v. 1.01)

1) Overwhelming Decisive Victories are now being reported correctly.

2) PBEM Controls are now presented when choosing Load Other Scenario.

3) PBEM and Hotseat games no longer hang during Withdraw Phase.

4) The computer no longer cheats when handling phases during PBEM and Hotseat games.

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