Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Patch v1.11


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The long awaited v1.11 patch for Combat Mission : Battle for Normandy has just been released! The patch updates both Combat Mission : Battle for Normandy as well as the Commonwealth Forces module.
The v1.11 patch includes a number of improvements and bug fixes, including updated graphical shaders and performance improvements on the Mac.


• Corrected crashes related to barbed wire units.
• Corrected a rare crash/hang problem in WeGo "blue bar" calculation.
• Corrected the occasional failure of "buddy aid" to retrieve useful ammo from fallen comrades, and accidentally to adopt their targeting orders.
• Corrected a problem that sometimes made fortifications too hard or too easy to spot.
• Panther "shot trap" on the lower turret mantlet (potentially) deflects shots downward into the hull as expected.
• British 95mm HEAT shell has correct amount of internal explosive (reduced from before).
• Corrected a problem in WeGo mode that sometimes caused vehicle passengers to rotate forward when they should not.
• TCP/IP "chat" text is easier to see clearly.
• Teams that are part of a squad properly retain their setup positions from the editor.
• SPW 250/10 and 251/9 halftrack loaders perform correctly when vehicle is buttoned.
• Wood bunkers are a bit tougher to knock out.
• Corrected a problem that sometimes gave on-map artillery the ability to shoot through intervening terrain.
• Corrected a problem that sometimes incorrectly restricted on-map artillery from firing smoke missions.
• Targeting a TRP directly using the mouse works correctly.
• Corrected a problem that occasionally caused a destroyed building to have "floating" rubble.
• Prone soldiers on a slope angle their bodies correctly.
• Bolt-action rifles properly show the spent casing ejected when the bolt is operated.
• Corrected an issue with command & control values being promptly updated when splitting a squad.
• Tiny explosions don't damage tank tracks so much.
• Corrected some AI issues that caused soldiers to move away from their teams, or caused the team to be "stuck" and not move when they should.
• In the editor, hedges allow co-placement of trees like bocage does.
• Light wounds to crew are slightly more likely to cause AFV bailout.
• Corrections made to Luftwaffe and Waffen SS camouflage helmets.
• Updated graphical shaders.
• Updated vehicle models (Commonwealth module): Wespe, PzII Lynx, Marder I, King Tiger, Jagdpanther, Cromwell, Churchill.

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