Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Patch v1.06 Beta


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Here are the major highlights:

* New, Improved Automatch! Get into games much faster thanks to a completely new match-bot system.
* Balance exploit fix: No more "Crane Exploit"


Q: If I haven't patched to 1.05 yet, do I need to be updated to 1.05 to install the 1.06 Beta Patch, or will it install 1.05 and all previous patches as well?

A: No, you do not need to be patched to 1.05 to install beta patch 1.06. The game will fully update (along with the 1.05 content) when you run the beta patch 1.06 executable.

Q: If I do not like 1.06 for any reason and would like to uninstall it and revert back to Patch 1.05, how do I do this?

A: After installing beta patch 1.06, a new .bat file will be in your root Red Alert 3 directory called "RemovePatch1.6". Upon running this file, the beta 1.06 patch will be removed and your game version will be reverted to 1.05.

Q: If I install 1.06, can I still play against people on 1.05? Or will I only be able to see and play against those on 1.06?

A: Players with the beta 1.06 patch will be unable to play against 1.05 versions. To clarify, 1.06 players will never Automatch against 1.05 players, and custom games will appear grey in the lobby list if the host is on a different version. We ask that you please encourage your friends to download beta patch 1.06, so we can get more 1.06 games happening in the system!

Q: If Beta Patch 1.06 becomes the official Patch 1.06, will I need to re-download the patch again when you release it officially or will I already be updated?

A: Our hope is that the beta version of 1.06 is stable and provides a solid improvement to the game. As long as we don't make any changes to 1.06 during the beta period, then you should not need to re-download 1.06 when it officially goes live. However, if during the beta period we discover some issues and need to make adjustments to the software, then players will need to download the updated version when it releases.

Q: If I update the beta patch 1.06 and play ranked games through the new Automatch system, will those games still count towards the ladder?

A: Yes! All games played on both the 1.05 and 1.06 Automatch systems will count towards your ladder ranking.

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