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MILITARY HISTORY™ Commander: Europe at War is the first in a series of high level turn based strategy games. It is being jointly developed by Firepower Entertainment and being released through Slitherine Software's Kameleon Project. The first game spans WW2, allowing players to control the axis or allied forces through the entire war in the European Theatre. Can Germany's rise be stopped or will the jackboots of the SS march through London ?

Following the overwhelming response given to the Grand Strategy Expansion, Slitherine and the independent team behind the successful add on are proud to announce a long list of new updates that brings Commander Europe at War to a new level. These bring the free expansion up to v1.05.

And here's a full list of the changes:

• Specially created 228-page highly polished and detailed player's manual
• Victory conditions based on the historical German surrender on May 8th 1945
• Historical Italian surrender model, where Italy can surrender without Rome falling
• Significantly enhanced map, which includes more cities, ports & forts (e.g., Gustav, Ostwell & Siegfried), revised political boarders, updated/new terrain features (e.g., Persian Gulf), naval transport loops (e.g., Kiel) and airbases
• Historical OOBs (order of battles) and unit placements for major & minor countries
• Airbase resource hexes (i.e.., Greenland, Iceland, Azores, Malta, Rhodes, Gibraltar, Lerwick, Stornoway, Benbecula, Isle of Man and Kirkwall)
• Country specific unit graphics and NATO counters for all major and minor nations
• Sea transport and seaborne invasion models
• Submarine and ASW models realistically modeling the Battle of the Atlantic
• Map wide weather that includes fair, mud/rain, winter and severe winter effects on units on land and clam and rough sea effects for units at sea
• Robust partisan model forcing historical commitment to anti-partisan operations
• Blitzkrieg effect applied to invaded minor countries, Russia and units in France
• Russian Siberian reserves released on USA entry or when axis close on Moscow
• Rail model including the ability to degrade capacity through bombing and conquest
• North African supply model limiting number of Axis units in North Africa
• Traded oil (Germany & Russia), iron ore (Germany & Sweden) and leased air bases (Azores, Portugal & USA)
• Lend Lease to Russia through Persia
• Ability to ground carrier air wings and fighters in order to save oil and reduced losses
• Imposed limits on air attacks now making the use and impact of air far more realistic
• Monroe Doctrine where the USA activates if axis units land in Canada or the USA
• Western Allies (i.e. Britain, France and USA) and Russia non-cooperation tension where Western Allies fight at reduced supply levels in Russian controlled hexes and cannot use the Russian railway network and vise a versa for Russian units in Western Allied controlled hexes
• Finnish, Romania and Hungarian fighter units that spawn at 5-steps on activation
• Finland activation for the axis at or before Russian entry into the war
• Less random, random research model, which is now the default
• Updated convoy routing model that better handles loss of critical convoy cities
• Added more information, which is easier to grasp, to the unit description, tooltip and resource menus and mini map
• Added more flexibility for players customizing their games by moving more game parameters to the "general.txt" data file
• Added more security to PBEM to ensure an opponent cannot retrieve a player's password or inadvertently, or intentionally, play with different game parameters
• Optimized for PBEM and hotseat play and will not support TCP/IP play

If you think you've mastered Commander Europe at War, the Grand Strategy Expansion will give you new exciting challenges. If you never tried the game, than you've missed one of the most exicting and rewarding wargames out there.

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