Crusader Kings II Patch v2.0.1


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Patch v2.0 had some fairly serious issues, so here's a hotfix! We are aiming for a larger update in mid December, which will fix many old bugs (including MP OOS), plug some exploits and revise certain aspects of antipopes and theocracies inside feudal realms.
Save games should be fully compatible with v2.0 (older saves will also work, but some new features will be inactive.)


- Added missing Jewish religious icons
- No longer possible to play as a Jew without the Sons of Abraham DLC
- The "Legitimize Bastard" decision now sets the correct dynasty
- Cathars now have access to the "Absolute Cognatic" succession law
- Jewish priests are now allowed to marry
- The kingdom of Jerusalem decisions to vassalize the Knights Templar and Hospitaller now work
- Heresies are now also shown on the religion page in the ledger
- The Knights of Santiago now have their historical activation date and first Grandmaster
- Fixed a bug where an antipope installed as proper Pope in Rome would get an antipope successor
- Fixed a bug where the Pope could restore himself in Rome infinitely, for astronomical amounts of Piety
- GamersGate users no longer incorrectly get the Steam overlay
- Different platforms don't get different checksums anymore
- You can no longer get a barony level character when pressing the Random Character button
- Added more descriptive text when Ironman is disabled
- Removed some ways in which one could cheat in Ironman
- Disabled autosave to cloud storage option in settings if no cloud storage is available
- Fixed some bugs with the new 'hold_election' effect
- AI: Massively reduced the chance that it will create antipopes, for now
- Fixed an issue with ridiculously powerful Mongol stacks if there were Jews in the world
- Fixed so Shift + I does not act like Shift + Insert anymore
- Religion status changes (Mending the Schism, etc) are now properly reset on resign
- Fixed a bug where most councillor job action events were men only
- Blocked Ultimogeniture for West African pagans
- Limited the intrigue gained from certain successful plots
- Fixed error in 'Viking Raider' achievement script
- Fixed a bug with Zoroastrian Xwedodah marriages not being considered sacred
- No longer possible to select Jews in multiplayer if the host does not have Sons of Abraham

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