Crysis Wars EX Hotfix Patch v1.0.1


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After a successful release and good feedback from the community we decided to release a small patch that addresses quite a few issues and adds further improvements. We finished the patch 1.0.1 development and are currently preparing the release for Monday 27th of July. The full change log can be found below.


* Fixed claymore behavior which has been reverted back to Crysis Wars 1.5
* Fixed AY69 issues with silencer on third person
* Fixed HighPing performance issue; It now works on tick instead of on update, so it is called 1 time each second instead of 30 or more times
* Fixed possible crash using z_allowWallJump
* Fixed error message when a loadout package is not localized
* Fixed claymore explosive carry limit to 1
* Plantation_EX: Tweaked some vegetation LODs for better visual appearance on low settings
* Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with US barracks being frozen
* Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with energy site decals being misplaced
* Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with spectator point being in a bad position
* Refinery_EX: Fixed missing rain particle
* Refinery_EX: Various particle tweaks


* FY-71 balancing adjustments


* HighPing feature now scans and waits 10 seconds before kicking a player
* HighPing threshold default value changed from 100 to 150
* Rename Nomad feature is no more case sensitive, it will kick "Nomad", "nomad" and "nOmAd" as well
* Removed intro videos on startup


* Added Czech localization
* Added Auto Update System v1, it will show a message when a new version is available, it does not allow players to play with an old version in multiplayer
* Added Special Loadout to buy ammo: BUYAMMO (case sensitive), writing z_loadoutBuy BUYAMMO, you get ammo for your current weapon
* Added z_buy command to buy weapons and/or vehicles

The upcoming version 1.0.1 will not be the last one. The team is currently working on a big content update including new weapons, new game modes and various other adjustments that will improve the game experience. The release of 1.1 is planned for the end of August.

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