Daikatana major patch


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Your savegames will NOT work after installing this patch.
-Multiple graphic cards are selectable within the game, including Voodoo cards If you are having problems with Daikatana running slow with your Voodoo, after applying this patch, run Daikatana, go to the VIDEO menu and at the top of the screen you'll see a pull-down menu. Pull it down and select "Voodoo Mini ICD" and click on Apply Changes.
Fixed sidekicks not spawning between level changes and savegames (where you couldn't finish the game)
-Added unlimited saves option. If ON when starting a level, SaveGems will not spawn. Save function will no longer reference the save count when attempting to save unless the option is turned back off.
-Texture size problem with Voodoo cards
-All map bugs have been fixed
-All Windows 2000 bugs have been fixed (including level loading)
-Fixed sidekick speaking and pathing problems
-Froginators and RoboSkeets have been changed per skill level
-Removed CD copy protection check
-Demo recording and playback works Use the standard Quake II commands
-Fixed crash when changing your name during a multiplayer game
-Fixed crash after a COOP game restore
-Fixed memory leaks
-You cannot save on moving platforms anymore (which caused a bug)
-Fixed multiplayer Mikiko Speed Boost bug (after dying, her Speed wasn't setting correctly)
-Default value for RATE cvar is now 25000
-Cannot apply skill points to skills which are already at 5
-The autoload slot should no longer show up in the save menu
New Features:
-Sidekicks use Hosportals
-User-typed messages appear in a larger typed font in the message history
-Added dedicated server "message of the day" cvar (motd). This is echoed to clients when they connect. The pipe symbol '|' may be used to separate lines in the message. Example: motd "Extreme Destruction Server | Prepare to die!"
-Incorporated advanced joystick axis support
-Skin color in COOP now works
-You can toggle Deathmatch Taunts ("Took the Hardwood", etc.)
-In COOP mode, Boss monsters change their difficulty based on number of players
-Added double click to multi-player join menu
-Added death mp3 files for killing by telefrag and daikatana
-Added CTF and DeathTag messages for flag/bomb capture. You can toggle them in the Options menu by choosing "CTF/DT hints".
-Incorporated new weapon selection menu to the multi-player menu, allowing selection of individual weapons, rather than slots.
-Episode 3 water is no longer freezing in deathmatch
-"Instagib" mod added for Deathmatch, CTF and DeathTag. You randomly start with a different weapon when you respawn. Each episode has two weapons to choose from. They are: E1: Ion Blaster, Sidewinder E2: Venomous, Trident E3: Bolter, Ballista E4: Slugger, Kineticore
-Map rotation is now set with CVARs, depending on the type of multiplayer mode you're in. maps_dm " ..." maps_ctf " ..." maps_deathtag " ..." (example: maps_dm "e1m1b e1dm1 e1dm1a")

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