Darkness Within v1.02 Patch


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The second update for the psychological horror Adventure game, Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder has been released. The update includes several new features and upgrades:
• Mouse cursor now changes to "Operate" icon when moved over top and bottom parts of password digits.
• A Crash bug fixed with Patch 1.01.
• Fixed a visual glitch where a large brown square is displayed on the screen after examining any item and closing the inventory.
• A Windows Vista only problem fixed where the "File Virtualization" feature causes the game to use the wrong game files. This eventually results in strange behaviours/crashes in the game.
• A screen update glitch fixed which happens in the scene where Howard stays in his bed.
Plus the 1.01 changes:
• Inventory Management - Several inventory related issues have been corrected
• Graphics Improvements - The game now uses the default refresh rate of the player's monitor and the antialiasing option now supports "2X" and "4X" instead of "On" and "Off"
• Document Underlining - Improvements have been made to the interface and game mechanics

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