Day of Defeat 1.0


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Day of Defeat is a popular modification for Half Life, which is based on World War II.
This total conversion recreates WWII battles, and attempts to capture most aspects of the war, from fictional to non-fictional.

v3.1 fixes:

- added anti-cheat protection
- fixed textures problem in basic.wad
- fixed para round timer not ending round on 0:00
- fixed +Use exploit
- added garandcarbine selection to light inf. in normal dod gameplay
- added thompsongrease gun selection to assault inf. in normal dod
- added k43kar selection to light inf. in normal dod gameplay
- took away 1 grenade from axis light inf.
- fixed switching classes while dying sets reinforcements to 0:00
- added K43 normal gameplay sleeve texture in coding
- addedEdited Vgui class menus and pics
- new Bar model tweak

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