Deep Space 9 The Fallen Patch 1 for the demo


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This patch includes the quick fix for the audio device selection problem (posted below) and also includes new Direct-3D drivers.
These fixes should address problems relating to poor performance, choppy sound and any Direct-3D compatibility issues.
Be sure to install the patch to the "system" directory of the original install.
Make sure the demo is not running before installing the patch.
After the patch files have unzipped, the "InstallPatch.bat" should automatically run and several new files should overwrite old files.
If the batch file does not run automatically, you can run it manually by opening the system folder where the demo was installed and double clicking on the "InstallPatch" batch file.
If all is successful, you will be informed "Installation Complete" and the next time you run the game it should ask you to select your video device again.

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