Deep Space 9 : The Fallen Retail Patch


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Retail patch: Hardware issues:
Unreliable AMD specific chipset extensions removed
Sound system optimizations for lower spec machines
"Popping" sound system issues resolved when pausing or quicksaving

Menu/Interface issues:
Fixed Mouse Sensitivity Slider not having proper 10 slot spacing.
Quicksaving system revised to be less intrusive

Gameplay issues:
Training maps expanded to include Hazard course, Promenade and Ops "Close Up" camera system improved, M01_Worfl1 / Grigari play balancing, "Hand to Ledge" alignment issues resolved, Game speed adjusted to normal at game start, Fixed bug where cardassian wall turrets shut down and don't fire at you unless player is looking at them. Fixes phaser auto modulating in training map, Reduced SubSpaceMine explosion momentum, All drums that cause damage can be auto targeted. It's now possible for the player to exit the left-hand area behind utility door in M03_KiraL1b, Kira can no longer get the level one science card without turning off the cameras or setting the alarm off.
You now have to complete all objectives to be able to complete M07_KiraL2, Fixed Cardassians that run away as soon as they beam into CM04/Lab, It's no longer possible to complete M06_SiskoL1b without obtaining the Orb, Plasma Thrower fixed so it can be fired if it's got 20 units of ammo left in it, Fixed JemHadar that beams in after the gear navigation puzzle & triggers alarm, player can no longer get stuck behind force field.
M10_AnyCharacter there are no Weapon / ammo pickups available in M10, Combadge no longer chirps when a PlaySpeech is triggered due to conditions not being satisfied, Fixed M07_WorfL1 where the big lift in the floor can be activated by stepping on it, then Worf is free to jump off it as it descends & player gets stuck. Turrets now trigger alarms when PawnAI's ask for help.

Demo Patch: This patch includes the quick fix for the audio device selection problem (posted below) and also includes new Direct-3D drivers.

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