Deer Hunter 4 v. 1.1


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Fixed issue with dead bucks getting up and fighting with live bucks.
Fixed cases of world record trophies not being replaced by higher scoring world records.
Fixed several issues with shadows in distant fog.
Changed rotation of tree stand from 200 degrees to 260 degrees.
Fixed crashing problem associated with deer fighting.
Added SSC version name to trophy room.
Updated HunterView application to work with Deer Hunter 4.
Fixed several issues with Pentium III's and Windows 2000.
Fixed support for pentium 3's under non-"xmm register" supporting os's (win95)
Fixed rounding issues with very small numbers on pentium 3's that could lead to a lock up.
Added detection support for Cyrix 6x86 cpuid
Added detection support for Cyrix EMMI
Eliminated redundant projection calculations to improve performance.
Fixed issue with pink GPS background on some video cards and drivers.
Fixed issue with 38 point non-typical mule deer causing crash.
Fixed several issues with AMD K6/2+ and K6/3+.
Increased performance of triangle collision code to improve overall performance of graphics engine.
Fixed issue with dedicated server not correctly passing several settings.
Fixed several memory leaks.

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