Defcon v1.1 Patch


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The latest patch for Defcon has been released.

List of changes:

- Improvements to the Server Browser Window

The number of players in any game is now rendered visually:
Bright green box = human player
Dull green box = CPU player
Grey box = open slot
This makes it much easier to see at a glance which games are interesting

The Server browser no longer displays the version column (eg Defcon v1.0)
The Server browser now displays the Game Mode in its own column

The Server browser will remember which servers you have joined recently.
They will be drawn highlighted in your list, so you can see them at a
glance. The browser will store the previous 10 connected servers, and
will also save the list and reload automatically when restarting.
Note: Does not save your own game servers that you connected to
- Makes it easier to see which games are not worth trying again
- Makes it easier to rejoin a game you got disconnected from

Can now filter the list :
All Games
Games In Lobby only
Games In Progress only
Recently joined Servers only
LAN Games only

In addition, you can choose to filter out less desirable server types:
Hide single player games (games in progress with just 1 human player)
Hide demo games (games created by a demo user, 2 players max)
Hide default named games (ie games with the name 'New Game Server')
(Click on the Filters button to access these options)

You can sort the server list by clicking on the column headings
Sort by name (alphabetically)
Sort by Game Mode
Sort by Game Time
Sort by Num spectators
Sort by Num players (sorts by num human players)
Click once to sort by that column
Click again to sort backwards by that column
Click again to return to default sorting

The 'Server Details' window (opened by right clicking on a server) now
includes a button to Join the server you are observing.

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