DesertCombat 0.39k Patch


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The latest release for Desert Combat is here. 0.39k is a large patch, which brings the DC mod up to speed with the recent Secret Weapons Expansion Pack, ensuring full compatability for Battlefield 1942 1.45.

This release fixes many of the recent bugs and exploits, the Blackhawk-lag bug being one such example. There are many updates to the models and skins for weapons and vehicles also, the Mig29 and F-15 featuring most prominantly.

Here are some of the more notable improvements, straight from the changelog.

Full Battlefield 1942 Version 1.45 Compatibility
New DesertPatrol Vehicle (Dune Buggy)
New Guided Cruise Missle
M203 and GP30 grenade launchers have been toned down
New Map, Oil Fields feature lots of new static and animated objects
New shorter radio voice sounds
Stinger has very little effect on soldiers

.39 Public New Maps
DC Oil Fields (Conquest)
DC LostVillage (Conquest)
DC Battle of Eastings (Single player, Co-op, Conquest)
Inshallah Valley - by Flatline|44 (Conquest)

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