Diablo 2 v1.02 Upgrade


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Changes in the v1.02 Patch :
Major bugs:
Fixed a bug that deleted your single player or open character if you deleted a Realm character with the same name.
Fixed several bugs to improve memory usage--those bugs could cause the game to slow down after playing for a while.
Fixed a bug associated with ejecting the Play CD.
Minor Bugs:
More consistent closing of dialog boxes and pop-up screens when hitting Esc key.
Fixed a bug to allow faster drawing of the auto-map.
Will auto-close some NPC menus when necessary. The automap can be toggled when a waypoint is active. Game log file names follow the format D2YearMonthDay.txt.
Game Hint/Spoiler
Fixed a bug that caused the portal to the Valley of the Magi to disappear if a player had completed the Arcane Sanctuary quest (by killing the Summoner) but exited the game without taking the portal and establishing the waypoint in the Valley of the Magi. (Act II).

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