Dominions 3: the Awakening v3.06 Retail Patch


Total votes: 30

The patch only works with the full version of the game.

NOTICE: The patches below will attempt to connect with an Illwinter server to verify your CD key on Multi-player games. No information

is passed to Illwinter except your CD key. This is a form of copy protection in use by most major software publishers. If this method

of verifying your purchase offends you, please DO NOT download and install the patch.

Bug Fixes, Tweaks, Enhancements v3.06:

- Universal binary for Mac OS X.
- Fixed some typos.
- New spell for Man.
- Name fixes for late era T'ien Chi.
- Name fix for some Abysian humanbreds.
- Darkness did not work properly regarding demons.
- Modding: new commands: #domsummon, #domsummon2, #domsummon20.
- Modding: new commands: #summon1, #summon5, #makemonster1-5.
- Modding: #copy renamed to #copyspell in manual as well.
- --noscoregraphs works.
- Dreams of R'lyeh could hang the game if cast upon a province with only mindless commanders.
- Hippocampoi Fields summoned a human soldier who immediately drowned, fixed so it summons a hippocamus instead.
- Miasma dominion affected C'tis income badly as well.
- Modding manual updated.
- Modding: Resistances can be modded to exceed 100%.
- Modding: can disable nation with #era 0.
- Modding: new commands: #seduce, #succubus, #charge.
- --mapsbcol didn't work. (FIXED)
- Defense commanders didn't receive mirror image properly. (FIXED)
- Dragon mastery ability could disappear unexpectedly. (FIXED)

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