Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.3 to v1.70 Patch


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Dungeon Keeper 2 is a genre-defying blend of real-time strategy, god sim, first-person action and fantasy role-playing. DK2 turns the traditional tables by placing you in the role of sinister archfiend and master of the cavernous Underworld. Build a dungeon to your own design, lay traps and doors to protect yourself, recruit an army of foul creatures and lure the heroic adventurers to their doom in your quest to reach the surface world of humankind.
In this update, you'll get your grubby claws on the Maiden, a ferocious new inhabitant for your dungeon as well as an all-new trap, The curiously named Jack in the Box Trap. In addition, we've implemented a number of tweaks and fixes to further improve your Dungeon Keeper 2 experience.

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