Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Francesco's New Items & Creatures v4.3b


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Are you bored at level 25? Does the creature and npc system leave you wanting more? Than this mod is for you!

One of the strengths of this mod is it's modular nature.. every part of the mod is optional and you are able to customize it to your

taste during the installation.

This mod is split into two files; the main file, which installs everything needed to run the mod; and an add-on file, which adds new

user made weapons/armors and creatures to the mod (more info can be found in the readme) Keep in mind that you have to download and

install both files if you want to use those new items &creatures.

4.0 Changes, major update:

- The loot system has been completely redone, it is now fully in game customizable, via an in game menu you will be able to easily

adjust everything concerning loot, you will be able to build your own loot table in a bunch of clicks.. dozens of different settings

regarding items rarity, magic items frequency, dungeons/houses chests, new add-on items rarity and more will give you endless

possibilities (see the right section in the readme for more info).
- A spreadsheet containing the 4.0 loot tables will now be installed in your Francesco's mod dir, this not only shows the default loot

tables but let you check the resulting loot table of all the 100 different loot settings nowaviable in the in-game menu.
- A new loot option (extra-hardcore) added in the installer.. this will make valuable items even rarer compared to the hardcore one

(check the loot spreadsheet for a detailed comparison with the other loot tables).
- Added a new optional component to the creatures add-on.. this, if installed, will make the new creatures more common
- Fixed the 0 price bug and another smaller bug in the Living Economy variant of the items add-on
- The living economy bundled in this mod has received a few tweaks, vendors will now have more gold but the selling price of items has

been lowered
- Updated dungeons chests loot part of the mod, misc items like food, ingredients and clothes can now be found in dungeons chests for

an increased loot variety, chances to find weapons/pieces of armor have been also noticiably raised.
- All the new generic NPCs variants have now new, diversified, faces, their equipmet/races have been diversified too (marauders now

have a small chance to use blunt weapons while bandits can sometimes use blades) this will increase variety by a lot.
- New items added to the items add-on: 6 daggers, 1 bow, 1 light helm and 1 new heavy cuirass, 2 magical variants of each of them

added too (the items add-on now features nearly 1.200 new items), crusader helm rebalanced to be heavy armor
- Greatly improved size rescaling and flee codes.
- Tweaked mudcrabs behaviors (they will now often be passive).. rats in the totorial dungeon will be more prone to attack the player.

Are you bored at level 25? Does the creature and npc system leave you wanting more? Than this mod is for you!

The game has to be challenging but that not every fight has to be an epic one. This mod aims to create a more realistic and enjoyable

experience, it will not make the game easier, just more credible (actually it can make it harder depending on the parts you decide to


This mod changes nearly all creatures lists to make only a part of them leveling up with you. Even if you will still find very strong

stuff at high levels you will often (for example) find normal skeletons and zombies in dungeons, wolves and rats in the wilderness and

so on.. not every bandit will level up with you but some of them will stop at about level 10-20.. I also changed most leveled items

lists, in the vanilla game at say level 20 you used to find only high level armors and weapons and low-mid stuff nearly disappeared

from the game, now it will be much harder to find high level equipment, and low-mid level one will still be common at high levels (you

can also decide between two loot types.. the normal one and an hardcore version built for those that want high level equipment to be

super rare)

One of the strengths of this mod is it's modular nature…every part of the mod is optional and you are able to customize it to your

taste during the installation.

The optional parts cover many things like guards (in the original game all guards used to keep leveling up with you, so no matter how

strong you were they were always a bit stronger than you. Using this part of the mod, while some guards still level up with you, many

of them will stop at about levels 15-25. Stronger guards will usually defend more important places/people), weapons/armors vendors (in

the vanilla game you used to find chainmail/dwarven mithril/orcish armors and weapons in creatures/npcs loot before seeing their

appearance in shops, this made armor/weapons shops nearly useless after reaching level 6-7, now you will find those stuff in shops

many levels before but at increased prices), bosses (a small chance to find stronger bosses with names and personalized combat styles

and loot), more enemies (more creatures/npcs in dungeons, available in two variants.. a normal one and an hardcore variant for those

who seek very big fights) houses/dungeons chests (improved loot, more interesting and diverse and often more rewarding but still

balanced), quests (tweaked main and guilds quests to make late quests harder for inexperienced characters, forcing to level up so you

can't become master of the fighters guild at lvl 8), arena (later fights will be much harder for weak chars so you can't win it with a

low lvl character) and much more (read the full readme for a complete list with detailed info).
There also an items add-on which adds a ton of new top quality user made weapons and armors to my loot lists and creatures add-on adding many quality user made creatures to spawn lists.

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