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Modular Oblivion Enhanced is an improved remake of the Oblivion Enhanced mod. The purpose of this mod is to enhance the Oblivion

gameplay by adding a bit more realism and a greater sense of freedom, unlocking some hidden / restricted game content / features

(although this is not a cheat mod nor a nude content enabling mod), fixing bugs, adding improvements, adding new features, but also

old features that were included in older Elder Scrolls games (especially Morrowind) but not in Oblivion.

The Plug-ins (in alphabetical order)

1) Better Icon for Script Effects (version 1)

The default icon for Script Effects is now a Stunted Magicka icon rather than a Burden icon.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

2) Disable Fast Travel (version 1)

Once activated, it disables Fast Travel in less than 5 seconds of game play. You may however re-enable fast travel through a simple

console cheat "EnableFastTravel 1".

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

3) Essential Characters Killable

This isn't actually a plug-in, it's more of a piece of information on how to easily make essential characters killable. A mod is not

necessary for this. All you need to do is edit the "Oblivion.ini" file (open it using Notepad) and change two values:

"bForceReloadOnEssentialCharacterDeath" (this should make the game continue even if Martin dies) and "bEssentialTakeNoDamage" to zero.

Nothing more.

You should find the "Oblivion.ini" file in "My DocumentsMy GamesOblivion". If you still have trouble finding it, use Start ->

Search. You must edit the "Oblivion.ini" file not the "Oblivion_default.ini" file.

While in the game, the essential characters will still be recognizable as the "crown" icon (instead of the default icon) will still

appear when you get near them.

Now don't expect to be able to kill everything though. Characters like Mehrunes Dagon are actually supposed to be immortal. Also the

Emperor and his bodyguards are immune primarily due to scripts, not essential tags. Their health will never even decrease in most

cases. This aspect will be taken care of in other plug-ins.

Finally, this method doesn't eliminate any bugs at all associated with making essential characters killable nor does it make those

characters stronger. You will have to protect them in battle if you fear a quest being ruined. I will attempt to fix any game bugs in

other plug-ins.

4) Ethereal State Spell (version 1)

Adds a Master Mysticism level spell called Ethereal State which turns you (or your companion) into a semi-immortal spirit for 15

seconds. Potions can be purchased from Shady Sam, scrolls from the Warlock's Luck and the spell itself can be purchased either from

Raminus Polus at the Arcane University or M'raaj-Dar, the Dark Brotherhood male Khajiit. Note: These potions and scrolls are not


Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

5) Fatigue Loss from Running (version 1)

Unless you're highly skilled in Athletics, you will now lose Fatigue points from running. Fatigue regeneration while walking or

standing still has not been modified though.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

6) Hunger Effects (version 1)

Adds hunger effects to Oblivion. Now you will need to eat regularly to stay healthy and alive. If you do not eat though, you will

receive a warning first, later many of your character's stats will start decreasing. You will die if you go without sufficient food

for almost two weeks. Note: These hunger effects will not affect creatures, NPCs, Oblivion Enhanced lich players, vampire players or

ex-vampire players.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

7) Icons for Mythic Dawn Armour - Fix (version 1)

Makes the Mythic Dawn helmet and armour have inventory icons. Also gives a more specific name for the Mythic Dawn helmet. This plug-in

must be combined with a mod that makes the Mythic Dawn helmet and armour playable, otherwise it's useless.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

8) Lock Spells (version 1)

Adds Lock spells and a respawnable supply of Lock scrolls to several mages in Cyrodiil: Edgar Vautrine (Discount Spells - Market

District), Calindil (Mystic Emporium - Market District), Raminus Polus (Arcane Univesity - Not The Restricted Area) and Ungarion

(Warlock's Luck - Bravil).

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

9) Mythic Dawn Powers (version 1)

When you complete the Argonian sacrifice and become an Acolyte of the Mythic Dawn, you will now gain three new lesser powers (Lord

Dagon's Wrath, Lord Dagon's Favour, Harbinger of the Dawn) and one power (Dawn's Breaking) that summon Mythic Dawn helmets and armour,

and Daedric weapons.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

10) New Classes (version 1)

Adds 14 new pre-defined player classes: Acolyte, Bandit, Marauder, Necromancer, Guardian, Hunter, Paladin, Pirate, Priest, Savant,

Smith, Vampire, Vampire Hunter and Warlock.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

11) New Staffs, Blight and Ashstorms (version 1)

Adds several unique staffs for sale at Rindir's: Elemental Staff (weather manipulation, including blight and ashstorms), Sceptre of

Ages and Sceptre of Tomorrow (game time speed manipulation staffs), Staff of Life (resurrection, not reanimation, extremely expensive

charges), Soul Shatterer (instant kill up to level 75, highly expensive charges). Note: You have to buy them, stealing is not an


Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

12) Playable Dremora and Custom Race Fix (version 1)

Adds a playable Dremora race complete with text description and "hit"/"power-attack" sounds for both male and female Dremora. It uses

a seperate race ID, (which makes it compatible even with other playable Dremora mods) but it is practically identical to the original

Dremora, except for the fact that is has an x0.5 Fortify Magicka Multiplier, which means 50% more magicka.

This mod also contains a custom race fix. This adds generic Valen Dreth taunting speech and Daedra Lord Boethia speech for Dremora and

custom races in general (which is necessary, otherwise the game gets stuck if you are playing with a Dremora or a custom race.)

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

13) Realistic Law Enforcement - Part One (version 1)

The "Realistic Law Enforcement" part of Modular Oblivion Enhanced has been split into two plug-ins. This plug-in increases fines,

especially for murder (6000) and stealing (4 x item value), and if you can't pay the fine you'll get a day in jail for every 2 gold of

your bounty.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

14) Realistic Law Enforcement - Part Two (version 2)

Adds bribes, bounty for resisting arrest and failed bribe attempts, death penalty for any crime as a 50%+ vampire, for having 15000+

bounty or for wearing Emperor clothes (though this plug-in does not enable Emperor clothes), mandatory jail sentence for Imperial

Palace basement break-ins or for having 5000+ bounty (any reason). Appropriate dialogue for surrendering has been unlocked. Time also

advances by two hours upon arrest.

Updates - Version #2: Executions are now carried out at the Imperial City Arena (see screenshots) instead of "on the spot" like in

Morrowind. It doesn't work that way if you're a vampire or the Gray Fox though. Viera Lerus is also marked as an "official" guard now

so she can arrest you too. Also corrected some text. Your bounty should now appear on the top-left of your screen every time a guard

tries to arrest/kill you, even if you're a vampire. The Arena in which the execution takes place is located in a seperate cell, so it

will not conflict with other Imperial City Arena mods.

15) Teleportation Magic and Icarian Flight (version 1)

Adds the following teleportation spells: Mark, Recall, Divine Intervention and 9 other teleportation spells, one for each main city.

Can be bought from various mages and priests, in all three forms: normal, scrolls (respawnable) and potions (respawnable). You will

also find Icarian Flight scrolls. Some people to look for: Edgar Vautrine, Calindil, Ungarion, Raminus Polus and more. Note:

Teleportation cannot be used indoors.

Another Note: Teleportation spells are Mysticism Journeyman level with the Mark and Recall spells costing slightly more magicka.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

16) Tools of Kagrenac - The Secret of White Gold Tower (version 1)

Adds the powerful tools of Kagrenac (Sunder, Keening and Wraithguard) to Oblivion. You must be at least level 20 and have an infamy

above 15 to begin the quest for them. A mysterious entity will contact you in your sleep. Meet new NPCs, open magical portals, brake

into a slighty expanded version of the Imperial Palace and even get to the top of the White Gold Tower. (Just don't try jumping off


You'll also discover a wearable Oblivion lich helmet and several other artifacts from Morrowind.

Note: This mod leaves the original Imperial Palace intact. Instead of editing it, I created a copy of the Imperial Palace in seperate

cells and edited them instead. This was done to prevent messing up the Theives Guild quest and to eliminate potential compatibility

issues with other Imperial Palace mods. So, if you're playing the Theives Guild quest, you must visit the original Imperial Palace

that can only be accessed through the Old Way. If you're playing the Kagrenac tools quest, then you must visit my copy of the Imperial


Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

17) Travel Services (version 1)

This plug-in adds carriage travel services. Each major city stable will now offer these services for a reasonable price, depending on

distance. It works like the Morrowind silt strider.

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

18) Unlocked Hairstyles (version 1)

Unlocks the four hidden hairstyles for non-Dremora races: Blindfold (Imperial and Breton), Quick Knot (Dark Elf, High Elf and Wood Elf

Females), Earrings and Whisps (Khajiit).

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

19) Vampire Clan Raelu (version 2)

This plug-in adds a vampire clan with its own unique vampire and cattle NPCs, schedules, spoken dialogue, a birthsign for each NPC,

headquarters, ranks, rules of conduct and admission, storyline and quests. Also adds new spells, a unique type of moon sugar, a clan

book, two Morrowind books on vampires, working blood vials and new treasures to discover. Simply become a vampire and you'll be

contacted by clan Raelu a few days later in your sleep.

There are 21 new NPCs, either Raelu vampires, Raelu cattle or enemies of clan Raelu. This clan is much more complex than the Afflicted

Brethren of the non-modular Oblivion Enhanced. Please note that I have had time to complete only six clan-related quests (four are

part of the main faction quest), expect more in future versions though. Also, I will not be adding the Afflicted Brethren clan to

Modular Oblivion Enhanced, although you will find that a few Raelu vampires are very similar to the five Afflicted Brethren vampires.

This plug-in is suitable not just for vampire players, but also for vampire hunters.

Important Note: Not all blood vials will satisfy your thirst for blood. You need to look for the ones marked "fresh".

Updates - Version #2: Fixed a minor spell bug and added a few more spells. (see screenshots)

20) Visit Valen Dreth Topic (version 1)

Adds a "Visit Valen Dreth" Topic to the Imperial City Prison jailors. You don't get to visit the guy though...

Updates: This plug-in was never updated as this is the 1st version...

III. Coming Soon

These features are not yet available in Modular Oblivion Enhanced, but all (except the first one and the last three on this list) are

available in the non-modular Oblivion Enhanced. They will be added to Modular Oblivion Enhanced in the future:

* More Clan Raelu Quests - The complete Clan Raelu storyline. Work your way up to become the Patriarch (or Matriarch) of Clan Raleu.
* Lycanthropy - The ability to become a werewolf. I promise no annoying "clothes" or "armour" stuck in your inventory, you'll look,

feel and sound like a werewolf and people will be scared of you.
* Lichcraft - The ability to become a lich. Not only that, but Modular Oblivion Enhanced will give you the ability to choose between

several types of liches (this option was not available in the non-modular Oblivion Enhanced either as you could only play with one

lich), all having their own unique abilities and appearance. You will be hated by most people in your lich form, but all liches will

have the ability to conceal their true form and appear human for a short time.
* Night Mother Rituals - The opportunity to perform the ritual to the Night Mother, the Black Sacrament, and employ the services of

the Dark Brotherhood assassins' guild. You will be visited by a speaker who will ask you to choose a victim and have the victim

murdered in just a few days. It always works.
* Candles - No Comment
* Playable Scythes - No Comment
* [NO LONGER NECESSARY, READ ABOVE] No More Essential NPC Tags - The freedom to kill anyone you please, provided you are strong enough

to actually do it of course. This will remove essential tags and also prevent them from being re-enabled.
* Prices for All Items - No more zero-value items, unless they're truly worthless, like crumpled papers and personal diaries.
* Weights for All Items - No more zero-weight items, unless they're magical bound weapons.
* No More Quest Items - The freedom to do whatever the hell you want with an item (drop, sell, give away), even if it's an item vital

to a certain quest. This will remove quest item tags and also prevent them from being re-enabled. I will also attempt to fix any bugs

related to removing the quest item tags.
* Fast Chargen - The freedom to avoid the main quest completely and choose your class, birthsign or vampirism straight from the

beginning of the game.
* The Modular Oblivon Enhanced Soundtrack - Will include Clan Raelu's theme song.
* [COMPLETED IN THE 2ND RELEASE] Formal Public Executions - At the Imperial City Arena.
* Game Bug Fixes - I will attempt to fix any bugs or minor imperfections found in Oblivion 1.1.511, including the ones that result

from making essential NPCs "killable". I might even merge this with the Unofficial Oblivion Patch which covers a lot of bugs. (though

the current version should not conflict with O.U.P.)

IV. Notes

- Teleportation doesn't work indoors because it would turn into an exploit, not because it's a bug.
- All new dialogue is lip-synched and spoken.
- This mod is meant to work with Oblivion version 1.1.511. (this should be the latest official Oblivion patch)

V. Known Bugs, Issues and Exploits

- Lock spells often fail, especially when used on your own containers or house doors.
- When travelling by carriage or teleporting, companions remain behind. Simply wait a few hours and they will catch up with you.
- When you use Recall, weather may still change even if you are just a few feet away from the Mark location.
- There is an exploit that allows players to steal from Clan Raelu without getting banished under certain circumstances. Unfixable

unfortunately as raising Responsibility even by 1 point will cause vampires to hate you and even attack you for feeding on cattle,

which is even less desirable.
- [FIXED IN THE 2ND RELEASE] The Raelu spell "Cold of Midnight" Frost Damage was set "on Self" instead of "on Touch".
- One plug-in allows the player to get to the top of White Gold Tower. Please don't try to jump off it, it's possible, but you'll most

likely land in a bunch of incomplete, glitchy cells or buildings. If this bothers you, please try an open Imperial City mod. In any

case, you'll still die without a Slowfall spell mod or something.
- A few Keening texture parts are missing and contrary to the claims of its author, its textures don't seem to appear even with the

Orrery plug-in installed. If you re-texture, please consider sending me the improved model (e-mail me) so I can add it here. Your name

will be added to the Credits.

VI. Installation

For any plug-in: Extract the plug-in archive (or archive volumes if there are more) using WinRAR. The extracted ".esp" file, as well

as any folders that may have been included in the archive (such as "Sound", "Meshes" or "Textures") must be copied to the "Data"

folder of Oblivion. If it tells you that one of the folders "Sound", "Meshes" or "Textures" already exists in the Data folder, simply

ignore this and continue to copy everything anyway.

VII. Contact Information

If you have any good suggestions for future plug-ins or have an unknown bug to report, you can send an e-mail to: obmodder@yahoo.com

VIII. Mod Credits (for the currently existing plug-ins in Modular Oblivion Enhanced only, reporting a major bug may earn you a place

here too)

thePOSTALdude - The Evil Mastermind: Modding (scripting, quests, cells, cell decoration etc.); Ideas (NPCs, spells, objects, names,

Raelu vampire clan storyline, ranks etc.); Voice Acting (2 NPCs)
Yarharhar - NPC/Playable Oblivion Skeleton Model (currently, it is only used for a lich NPC)
XMarksTheSpot - NPC/Playable Oblivion Lich Helmet Model, Texture and Inventory Icon (can be used by players and NPCs like any other

piece of armour)
Star Boi - Sunder and Keening Models, Textures and Inventory Icons; Wraithguard Inventory Icon
Lucien Lachance - Beta Testing

IX. Important Links

Non-Modular Oblivion Enhanced Link #1: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail&id=1443
Non-Modular Oblivion Enhanced Link #2: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=6662
Non-Modular Oblivion Enhanced Link #3: http://www.oblivionsource.com/?page=modforge&op=viewproject&project_id=596
Non-Modular Oblivion Enhanced Trailer Link: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=Videos.Detail&id=97
Non-Modular Oblivion Enhanced Forum Link: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=557189

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