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So what is MultiTES4?

MultiTES4 is my attempt at an Oblivion mod/add-on that, you guessed, adds multiplayer to this awesome game. I started the work on this project around the 7th of May, 2006. It's come a long way, and has a long way to go, but with perseverance and a little luck, it'll go a long way. At the moment, MultiTES4 consists of three components: A client application, a server application, and a Oblivion 'esp' modification file. All these combined with a little luck (and a whole heap of code) and voila, we have multiplayer!

What can MultiTES4 actually do?

The current version (being only an alpha) is pretty limited in it's capabilities. It supports only 2 people running around Cyrodiil. The other players in the game are represented as NPCs to each individual on their computer. The NPC will move and travel to match the players that are connected to the server.

What can't MultiTES4 do?

At the moment, the following haven't been implemented: time/day/year synchronisation, quest sharing, deathmatch, cell/world synchronisation, err pretty much everything else you can think of. Console commands aren't blocked, either is fast travel. Animations aren't shared, neither is inventories or attributes. I wasn't kidding when I said it was the basics.

Why did you make the mod?

Oblivion is such a fantastic game, the only thing that could truly add a new dimension to it would be a multiplayer component. Knowing that this would never be officially developed, and seeing that little-to-no progress had been made on anything similar, I embarked on my little quest and give it a try. With enough research and time, it eventually comes together into what you see now.

What do you have planned for the future?

This plan for the next major release of this mod is to firstly allow for 8 players ingame, as well as an implemention of a simple form of player deathmatch, and probably capture the flag. So not only will you be able to run around with your'll be able to kill them too ;-) As things are developed, I'll post the details on the forums and let you know how it's going. If things at uni become to busy, or I generally lose interest in the mod, I'll probably release my source code (once I get around to commenting it all) and let the Oblivion community mod it as they please.

Installation Instructions

Installation And Use Instructions (Client):

1) Put the executable anywhere on your computer. Doesn't matter where.
2) Run the executable.

Installation And Use Instructions (Server):

1) Put the executable someone on the machine that is to be used as the server. The server and client CANNOT be executed on the same machine.
2) Run the executable. Sit back. Relax. Comtemplate the meaning of life.

Installation And Use Instructions (Oblivion Mod):

1) Load up a save game. Now save again (not quick save, and take note of which save it is). This will be the loading point every time you want to play MultiTES4.
2) Put the MultiTES4_0.2.esp file into your Oblivion's data directory, i.e D:GamesOblivionDataMultiTES4_0.2.esp.
3) Run the OblivionLauncher.exe (it's also the shortcut "Oblivion" that is put into your start menu).
4) When the launcher runs, click on the "Data Files" button. If that button is shaded out, you need to install the registry file listed above. Follow the instructions below these.
5) You will be shown a list of mods that are on your computer. "Oblivion.esm (Master File)" should be checked by default as it's the master file.
6) Check the check box next to the "MultiTES4_0.2.esp (Player File)" entry in the list. Click the "Ok" button in the bottom right of the screen.

Installation And Use Instructions (Oblivion Registry Entry):

1) Once you've extracted the REG file onto your computer, right click on it and select "Edit". It should open it in Notepad.
2) Change the "Installed Path"="D:GamesOblivion" entry to the directory of you're Oblivion install.
3) Select "File", then "Save". Close Notepad.
4) Now double click on the REG file and select "Yes" when you're asked to add the entry to your computer's registry.

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