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The objective of this ModPack is to give users a package that includes all of the mods that I think are very nice to have for every user. Most of the mods included have little or no impact on actual gameplay. Read below for specifics on the modifications this includes.

Overload's ModPack
Version 4.0

The objective of this ModPack is to give users a package that includes all of
the mods that I feel are a nice starting point for using mods. Most of the mods
included have little or no impact on actual gameplay. There are a few
exceptions; see the "Mod Categories" section below for details. I created this
package because I found it to be quite challenging to find good mods at the
current time. This is because of the chaotic and unorganized nature of the mod
forums at elderscrolls.com combined with the fact that there is no good website
with an index of all the mods out there with ratings and such. Hopefully this
package will save some users a headache. Note that all the mods in this package
do not conflict with each other - it's perfectly safe to run all of them at the
same time (that's what I do!) That being said, I do not expect everyone to just
install all of the mods in this pack off the bat. You should read through the
mod list below and pick the ones you like the sound of, and install them
individually. I'm not saying "Everyone should use the mods I use."

There are two versions of this ModPack. The "full" version and the "lite"
version. The only difference between the two is the lite version does not have
a couple visual mods because those mods are gigantic. The whole point of this
ModPack is supposed to be convenience, and a 100mb package as the only option
didn't make sense.

- I gathered all of these mods in to one location.
- I created readmes for all of the mods that did not come with them. Mod
authors: ALWAYS include readmes! The readmes have links to the thread which
describes the mod.
- Renamed some readmes to have a similar name as the .esp files, that way they
will show up next to each other when sorted by name.
- I tested all the mods individually to make sure the changes they made live
up to what is advertised. I also confirmed that there are no compatibility
issues between all the mods in this package.

This pack is not meant to be just installed so that you have all of the mods
instantly. You still have to install each mod individually. Luckily, installing
most of these mods is super easy. Most mods have an .esp file and a readme
file. To install these mods, simply extract them to your OblivionData
directory. Then when you start the launcher, click on the "Data Files" button
and check the box next to the mods you want to use.
Some mods come with more than one .esp file. For these mods, you must read the
readme to learn what the different versions do. Most of the time, you should
NOT activate all of the .esp files at the same time.
Finally, some mods do not use .esp files. This is only the case with a handful
of mods, and it's usually only on visual tweaks or UI mods. For these mods, you
need to read the readme and follow the instructions given there.

I have split the mods in this pack in to folders, which represent categories.
Here is an explanation of the categories:
- Bug Fixes: These mods simply fix bugs in the game. There is no reason not to
run all of these mods because all they do is fix something that shouldn't be
broken in the first place. When an official patch for Oblivion comes out,
hopefully these mods will no longer be needed.
- Game Mechanic Tweaks: These are mods that change game mechanics, but only in
a very small way that I believe makes the game better. These are mods that I
don't think many people would mind running. None of these mods should make
the game measurably easier or harder.
- Game Mechanic Mods: These mods are very similar to the Game Mechanic Tweaks,
except that they change the game mechanics in a more substantial way, such
that some people might feel they unbalance the game. I don't include many
of these mods as the goal of this pack is to have little impact on actual
gameplay. The mods that appear here are mods that I feel really improve the
game, even if it makes it a little easier. Not for everyone.
- New Content: These are mods that actually ADD something to the game, rather
than simply change a mechanic.
- UI Mods: User Interface mods do not change gameplay at all. They simply
change the way certain information is presented to the user. I feel all of
these changes create a much more pleasant gameplay experience.
- Visual Tweaks: These are mods that only change a visual aspect of the game
not related to the UI. This category contains significantly less mods in the
"lite" version of this pack.
- Audio Mods: Similar to Visual Tweaks, except with audio.

Bug Fixes
- Fathis Fix v1.1 by Johnny
Fixes several bugs with the "Fathis" character, like the fact that he
sleeps in the wrong house!
- Safe Archmage Storage v1.1 by johnmedgla
Fixes some bugs with the chest at the foot of the archmage's bed.
- My Bruma Fireplace v1.0 by Overload
Adds fire to the fireplace in the player-owned house in Bruma (after you
buy the kitchen expansion.) The fire was there already, but Bethesda forgot
to activate it.
- Mages Guild Quest Fixes v2.0 by ScripterRon
Fixes several bugs related to many different Mages Guild quests.

Game Mechanic Tweaks
- Additional Spells v1.0 by supernoob
By default, the spells "Damage Attribute" and "Drain Attribute" ONLY exist
on a couple leveled lists, which means there is a possibility you will
never see them in the game. This mod simply adds those spells to two of the
vendors in the Imperial City.
- Alchemy Perks v1.1 - More Potion Effects by dysesothymteric
Adds a new alchemy perk that allows you to drink more potions at once as
your alchemy skill increases. Masters can have 6 effects, up from the
default 4, so it's not a huge change.
- Birthsigns NoMax v1.1 by SkyRanger-1
Birthsign attribute bonuses no longer count against your limit of 100 in
each attribute. So, if you're born under the sign of the steed, your
maximum speed is 120, not 100.
- Deadlier Traps v1.1 by Mechanus
Makes traps in dungeons a lot deadlier. Most of the traps will insta-kill
now. Without this mod you can always survive getting hit by a trap and just
heal afterwards. Now you actually have to be careful!
- Quest Award Leveling v1.3 by Namegduf Live
Makes it so that quests rewards (items, spells, whatever) level up as you
do. Most quests give a different reward depending on what level you are
when you complete the quest, which means you can get screwed out of a
really good item simply because you did a quest at a lower level. Now the
item/spell will upgrade to the better version as you gain levels.
- Retroactive Health v1.0 by SkyRanger-1
Changes the way you gain health when you level. By default, when you level
up your max hitpoints increases by a fraction of what your CURRENT
endurance is. This means that it's important to get your endurance up as
quickly as possible at the low levels so you gain the full benefit from it.
I believe that it shouldn't matter WHEN you get your endurance, and that's
exactly what this mod changes.
- Guild Item Ownership v1.2 by Tandem
This places faction/rank flags on every item in the guildhouse, so you must
be of a certain standing in order to grab an item without punishment. This
gives you more of a sense of your overall rank in the guild. Also adds a
chest to each guild hall that provides you with some basic supplies as well
as provides a safe place to store items.
Game Mechanic Mods
- No Psychic Guards v1.2 by Talonhoff
Changes it so that when a person calls for the guards, only the guards in
yelling distance will hear the cry for help. If no guards are nearby, then
no one comes to help.
New Content
- Saddlebags v2.0 by MaboroshiDaikon
Adds saddlebags to your horses. If you sneak and press spacebar on your
house, you can access the saddlebags. I do not feel this unbalances the
game because if you have access to your horse, then you could just fast-
travel to a store anyway. This just removes the need to go to a store in
between EVERY cave you enter.
- Callsteed v3.0a by mcallon
Adds a "Summon Steed" lesser power that allows you to summon your horse to
you. You also get a "Horse Whisperer Ring" which causes all of your nearby
horses to follow you, so you can go on foot but keep your horse nearby.
- Perception v2.1 by EvilGrinch
Adds a new mysticism spell to the game that allows you to judge the
strength of your targets. Once cast, NPCs will glow different colors
depending on their relative level to you.
UI Mods
- BTMod v2.20 by the BTMod Team
The mother of all UI mods. This mod changes many of the UI windows to show
a lot more information. Your spellbook can show a LOT more spells per page;
the map takes up the whole screen and can be zoomed out; containers, your
inventory, and stores show a lot more items per page. Buffs and debuffs now
show a numerical timer above their icon. It's just a ton of tweaks across
the entire UI that make for a much more pleasant playing experience.
- Chase Camera Mod v1.01 by Woodman
Changes the way the camera behaves in third person. It makes the camera a
lot more rigid which makes it easier to play. Some people experience motion
sickness with the default third person camera, so this would be useful to
them as well.
- Potion Sorter v1.0 by Deathbane27
Renames the potions in your inventory so that when they are sorted, similar
potions appear next to each other. Instead of "Strong Healing Potion" and
"Weak Healing Potion" they will be "Healing Potion, Potent" and "Healing
Potion, Diluted"
- Spell Ranks v1.0 by moho
Similar to Potion Sorter, Spell Ranks renames all of the built in spells so
that similar spells appear next to each other. The spells have names like
"Flare" "Flare II" "Flare III"
- Thacadian's Colored World Map v1.1 by Thacadian
Adds color to the world map. This is a different mod from the popular
"Color World Map" mod out there. This one has less vibrant colors and feels
more like a real map.
- Vanity Camera Smoother v1.01 by Woodman
When you hold down mouse3 to activate the "vanity camera" this mod will
GREATLY slow down the speed at which the camera moves around your
character. If you've ever tried to use it without this mod, you know that
it's super sensitive by default.
- SimpleCompass v1.0 by ceski
Slightly changes the art around the compass on the HUD to take up less
- Colored Map Markers v1.0 by freeb0rn
Adds a little color to the location markers on the map. The colors are
pretty mild and look really nice when combined with a colored map mod.
Visual Tweaks
- Visually Enchanted Weapons Customizer v1.0 by DarkTyrian
Adds new visual effects to enchanted weapons. For example, fire enchanted
weapons will appear actually on fire. There are 3 versions for each
element, along with screenshots showing what each effect looks like. You
choose which effect you like best for each element.
- No More Annooying Messages v1.2 by MackeMan
Removes some of the annoying messages that commonly appear, such as
"Loading..." and "Your horse is stabled..."
- Light Spell Color Pack v1.0 by DarkTyrian
Provides four options for what color you would like your light spells to
produce. A lot of people are not happy with the default green light in
Oblivion. I suggest the yellow one.
- Harvest v1.0 Final by -Dejunai ( aka XmirroR )
Changes the way plants look after you harvest them. Some types of plants
will simply disappear (like mushrooms) but most actually use a changed
graphic - makes gathering ingredients a lot more fun!
- Darker Dungeons v1.0 by teenk
Makes the dungeons darker. If you think the dungeons are too bright by
default, install this!
- Darker Nights With Burning Kvatch v1.5 by teenk
Makes the nights outside darker. It's not so dark that it requires a torch,
but it feels much more like night. Although, if it's storming you will need
a torch or light spell. Burning Kvatch is optional, and makes Kvatch look
like it's burning from the outside of the town.
- Vagabond's Better Gold v1.0 by Vagabond
Replaces the texture on the gold coins with a much higher resolution
- Short Grass v2 by Slig
Shortens the grass by a good degree. Some people feel that the grass is way
too tall by default, and this is for them.
- Better Nightsky v1.0 by Omicron- aka AnnoyedOne
Changes the textures of the two moons in the sky. By default, they have an
ugly black border around them that makes them look pasted on to the sky.
This mod has 4 different choices for what the moons look like, including
one that is just a cleaned up version of the default moons.
- Landscape LOD Replacement v1.0 by shaja
Replaces the original 1024x1024 landscape LOD textures with improved
2048x2048 textures. Makes the far-off terrain look much less blurry and
doesn't seem to cause a performance hit!
- Landscape LOD NormalMap Fix v1.0 by BlueSteel
This replaces the normal maps for the distant land (this determines the
shadows). Makes the far-off terrain look much better and is best combined
with shaja's Landscape LOD Replacement mod. This is a smaller version than
Loreroth's version. See readme for details.
- Natural Faces v0.7 by MaboroshiDaikon
Adds a higher resolution base texture for many of the races. Makes the
faces look nicer.
- Jarrod's Texture Mod "complete" by Jarrod
Replaces most of the ground textures with better looking versions. The
difference is really amazing, and makes a great looking game look even
better! This package includes the two patches he released.

Thanks to all the mod authors who made these wonderful mods:
Namegduf Live
The BTMod Team
Omicron- aka AnnoyedOne
-Dejunai ( aka XmirroR )
jarrod M. Christman

If you plan on using the popular mod "Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul," you should
not install the "Birthsign_NoMax" mod from this package, as OOO also modifies
the birthsigns.

+Added Mages Guild Quest Fixes v2.0 by ScripterRon
+Added My Bruma Fireplace v1.0 by Overload
+Added Callsteed v3.0a by mcallon
=Updated Jarrod's Texture Mod to "complete" version.
=Updated Harvest to v1.0 Final
=Updated Saddlebags to v2.0
+Added Saddlebags v1.1 by MaboroshiDaikon
+Added Jarrod's Texture Mod v1.0 by Jarrod (FULL version only)
+Added SimpleCompass v1.0 by ceski
+Added Colored Map Markers v1.0 by freeb0rn
+Added Landscape LOD NormalMap Fix v1.0 by BlueSteel
=Updated Harvest to 0.72
=Updated Alchemy Perks to 1.1
-Removed Attack and Hide. I found out that it becomes very unbalancing at the
higher levels of sneak and made the game too easy. There is a new version of
Attack and Hide available that is only for use with new characters, but it is
not included in this pack.
-Removed LOD Normal Map Replacement v1.0 by Loreroth (Replaced by BlueSteel's
-Removed CallSteed + Saddlebags. The standalone version of Saddlebags is now
+Added Additional Spells v1.0 by supernoob
+Added Visually Enchanted Weapons Customizer v1.0 by DarkTyrian
+Added No More Annoying Messages v1.2 by MackeMan
+Added Light Spell Color Pack v1.0 by DarkTyrian
+Added Harvest v0.51 by -Dejunai ( aka XmirroR )
+Added Perception v2.1 by EvilGrinch
+Added Guild Item Ownership v1.2 by Tandem
=Updated Quest Award Leveling to v1.3
=Updated Darker Nights to v1.5 (now named Darker Nights With Burning Kvatch)
=Renamed most of the mod archives to have the version number in the name.
=Added version numbers to the ModPack readme.
+First Release

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